Technopocalypticals rejoice!

Sweet Vernor Vinge, alert the media!  Thomas Friedman has gone singular! Someone finally figured out that the famous New York Times columnist IS AN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE!  And now we can tap directly into it:

An interesting thought occurred to me
today—what if academics sat down with ordinary people like you and me
and ironed out some real solutions to our health insurance crisis?
With the election season over, maybe
you’ve forgotten about health insurance, but I certainly haven’t. It
would be easy to forget that the problem even exists, when our headlines
are constantly splashed with the violence in Brazil, the authoritarian
crackdown in Cape Verde and the still-unstable democratic transition in
Saudi Arabia. But the health insurance problem is growing, and
politicians are more divided than ever. Republicans seem to think that
health insurance can just be ignored. Democratic politicians like Dianne
Feinstein, on the other hand, seem to think that shrill rhetoric will
substitute for a compromise.
But the Democratic party of Dianne
Feinstein is not the Democratic party of Bill Clinton. Clinton wouldn’t
refuse to budge, he’d compromise because he’d understand that the fate
of the country, and his own political career, depended on a lasting
solution to the problem of health insurance.

 I may have ended my WND column too soon.  All I had to do was log into THOMAS once a week and let it all do the work.  Step two: profit!