Christian is the new black

Karl Rove is going to get a very nasty surprise next year:

Rove said, “As baby boomers age and as they’re succeeded by the post-baby-boom generation, within both of those generations there’s something going on spiritually—people saying it’s not all about materialism, it’s not all about the pursuit of material things. If you look at the traditional mainstream denominations, they’re flat, but what’s growing inside those denominations, and what’s growing outside those denominations, is churches that are filling this spiritual need, that are replacing sterility with something vibrant, something that speaks to the heart of the individual, that gives a sense of purpose.” Rove believes what he has always believed: that the Christian right and, to a lesser extent, tax- and regulation-averse businessmen will continue to assure Republican victories.

Yes, because they’re so profoundly and deeply stupid that they’ll continue to vote for Republicans who despise them and actively oppose their interests. They’re just going to loyally show up and vote Republican the same way that blacks vote Democratic no matter what. In case you ever doubted that report that Karl Rove is an atheist, this degree of vacuous cluelessness about Christian behavior should confirm it.

On an unrelated note, it still amazes me that people pay any attention whatsoever to the many “conservative” pundits who defended Bush and argued that what he was doing was not only good for the country but that he was putting in place his double-secret conservative plan that would lead to long-term Republican dominance. Once someone demonstrates that he can’t reason his way out of a paper bag, I cease to waste any time listening to him; that’s why I haven’t bothered to read Townhall for nearly two years now.

I don’t recall people like Gingrich and Goldberg talking about an inevitable Republican collapse two years ago, let alone six years ago.