They all hate America

The Right-Wing News discovers that nearly every right-wing blogger doesn’t want what’s right for America:

1) Would you like to see the Senate Immigration Bill pass?

Yes: 1 (2%)
No: 49 (98%)

2) Do you think the Republican party would be better off politically
if the bill passes the Senate or better off if it fails?

Passes: 3 (6%)
Fails: 45 (94%)

George Delano is a treasonous weasel, with no loyalty to his party or his nation. As incredible as it may seem, he has actually turned out to be a worse president than I expected, and I was expecting him to rival Clinton as a massive disaster. I never expected him to do worse than Carter and Nixon, though.

At this point, only FDR, Lincoln and Wilson can be considered worse… and he may surpass Wilson yet.

Republicans who argue the “best deal we can get” case forget two things. First, if you take the deal, you are responsible for it. If you fight it and lose, you’re not. Second, even if the deal is struck today, there’s absolutely nothing preventing the Senate from modifying it and making it even worse two years from now, when Hillary is in office and the Democratic majorities are much larger than they are today.

Immigration Amnesty II is not only a disaster on principle, it is sheer insanity from a pragmatic perspective.

Even California conservatives have come to despise Bush:

I will remember this date as the moment I thought there was a tipping point in conservative support for him.

I have over a hundred relatives in California: all Republicans, all conservative. Some of the women have married into Mexican-American families. I talked to many over the weekend. Do they still like Bush? I cannot repeat their language. Let us just say: Not so much. The reason? Immigration. The three main Mexican-American families are all professionals. They consider the illegals riff-raff.

For them, they are more than disappointed with Bush. They feel angry and betrayed. You know, these are not the right words to describe their feelings. The right word is “bitter.” They are very bitter.

That’s what you get when you are stupid enough to choose pragmatism over principle. The sad thing is that most of those bitter Republicans are now wondering whether Giuliani or Romney is the lesser of two evils they should support, while there’s every reason to believe that either one of them would be even worse than Bush himself.

Support Ron Paul or sit it out. That’s my advice. It’s unlikely to matter either way, although I suppose that seeing the Republican Party lose by a 80-20 popular vote margin might be enough to reinvigorate conservatives in a third party.

None of this surprises me, and yet I find that I’m not enjoying the bitter awakening of the Three Monkey Republicans quite as much as I had anticipated.