Voting and freedom

In case you still believe that democracy and voting are synonymous with freedom:

The number of Venzuelans who think Chavez is trying to set up a dictatorship has gone from 40% to 60% in the last week. Alas, this realization may have comes a little too late. The president is already ruling by decree, with rubber-stamp legislature and judiciary. The tragedy of Venezuela has an overwhelming momentum now….

It’s really unbelievable that nearly 50 years after Castro turned Latin America’s happiest and most affluent society into its most miserable and destitute, another Latin American country freely elected a pro-Castro leader to chants of “socialism or death.” They may have historical amnesia as an excuse, but the Venezuelans really have brought this — and what’s coming next — upon themselves.

Of course, it can’t happen here. Because, you know, we have a democracy and all.