Girl logic

This spectacularly silly girl doesn’t quite get that whole “free speech” thing:

Silencing Through Trolling

Another powerful tool that mainstream sites, if not employ then at the very least are party to, is having their members troll sites that are negatively highlighted. I first encountered this with the website Something Awful, which would have the Awful Link of the Day. At first I thought it was funny, until I noticed that highlighted sites would be bombarded with e-mails and other hateful comments. The line was finally crossed for me when one woman shut down her website because of the harassment she received due to the SA goons’ trolling. Her only crime? Being highlighted as an ALOTD because she was transsexual.

But I’ve seen that pattern over and over again elsewhere. The only time I ever got it here, that I am aware of, was when I said something nasty about Vox Day because of a post he made about rape. And with my discussion policy that I have now, if something like that happened again, it wouldn’t affect my readers. But that’s not the case for many sites who don’t have moderation, and even for those who do, I know from personal experience that getting hateful comments calling you names and saying you’re worthless does take an emotional toll.

What about me? What about my emotional toll? Sometimes I just sit here in front of my keyboard, trying to type through the tears…. You see, it’s just fine for her to say nasty things about other people. (I have no idea what she’s referring to, but I’ll take her word for it.) But, you see, you must not respond in kind, because then she might feel bad. And if she feels really bad, then she won’t want to say anything else in the future.

(And what a loss to humanity that would be.)

Now, not saying anything is silence, so therefore being made to feel so bad that you decide to be silent is the same as being silenced, just like Hitler’s SA used to beat people up and kill them in order to silence them. Because, you see, words are the same as physical actions, therefore a verbal attack is the same as a physical attack, except of course when a woman is simply exercising her right to free speech in attacking someone else.

Does that make sense to you? If so, I highly recommend that you ask someone to drive you to the hospital and offer your organs for donation as you are quite clearly brain-dead.

I can’t help but think that this handicapable individual could use a material, non-metaphorical kick in the head, perhaps that might help her understand the difference between silencing yourself and actually being silenced. Sweet Darwin but I despise those who cannot distinguish between metaphor with reality.