The value of an inch

Is $32,100 per year:

They found that a 5-foot-8 man was just as successful in getting dates as a 6-footer if he made more money — precisely $146,000 a year more. For a 5-foot-2 man, the number was $277,000.

So, apparently I was wrong. Women care more about height than money, although there are diminishing returns with height that obviously don’t exist in the case of the cash.

Tierney’s comments about the overly selective nature of people in large cities, specifically New York, ring very true to me. None of my female friends who lived in New York ever got married while they were there or to anyone they met while they were there.

Another interesting factor is that women with a high degree of what the study’s authors call “sociosexuality”, which based on the determining questions appears to be a predilection for unfaithfulness, preferred non-religious individuals as strongly as women attracted to height preferred tall men.

This may help explain the three marriages of Richard Dawkins, all arguments for atheist morality notwithstanding.