National Socialism with a human face

It’s amusing to me how people attempt to deny that the German National Socialist Worker’s Party were socialists, even as modern international socialists behave in a manner almost identical to the historical National Socialists:

Up to 5.9million children face having their fingerprints taken by schools in another move towards a ‘Big Brother’ society. Pupils will have to hand over their biometric details simply to borrow library books or gain access to school dinners.

A million children’s fingerprints are believed to have been taken already, some without parental approval and even by ‘con tricks’ such as pretend spy games.

One always has to remember that for two-thirds their time in power, the Nazis weren’t setting up and running death camps. Their second greatest act of evil- I think it’s accurate to say that the Second World War was worse than the Holocaust – was neither their first nor only crime.

Of course, it’s hard to argue with the very reasonable justification given here. These days, the global fascists aren’t even bothering to seriously disguise their intentions any longer:

Participating schools, however, insist there is nothing ‘sinister’ going on, and that fingerprints are destroyed when the child leaves. They insist it makes libraries a ‘cool’ place to visit.

Oh, well in that case, great. I bet it would make them even cooler if the kiddies could wear spiffy uniforms and beat up Jews there.