Better to leave it at Byron

I may be somewhat of an anti-abortion extremist, but I have to say that I have seen better cases against the ongoing atrocity than this unusual one:

Imagine what our cultural conversation would have been without… Juan Ruiz de Alarcon, the 17th century Mexican dramatist, who also was a hunchback and wrote some 20 dramas including “La Verdad Sospechosa.”

Actually, that’s really not all that hard for, oh, I don’t know, PRETTY MUCH EVERYONE! Seriously, while there’s certainly a time to show off your knowledge of obscure literary figures, any such urge is probably better resisted while making an argument designed to play on the emotions of the masses.

And the long list of “accomplished people with birth defects” doesn’t strike me as all that impressive considering that it starts with a retired ice skater and a Congressman dead for more than a century.

Next time, stick with Byron, baby. You can’t go wrong with Byron… okay, you can, and in fact probably will, but you’ll have a good time anyhow.