Together forever

France has sent a stiff complaint to Brussels about the European Union’s choice of logo to commemorate its 50th birthday next year. The offending image, a child-like rendition of the English word together, does nothing to serve the cause of European unity, the French Government claims.

Their objections come after a shower of rude comment throughout Europe about the logo, which was chosen at a cost of €200,000 (£134,000) last month by a jury of experts from EU institutions and member states. The winning entry from among 1,700 submissions was the work of a Polish art student. A common gibe on the internet is that the jumbled letters evoke a ransom note more than festive celebration of the 1957 Treaty of Rome. The full slogan says: “Together since 1957”.

The interesting thing is that for most of those 50 years, the citizens of the EU did not realize they were subject to Brussels. I wonder when we’ll be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the American Union? My guess is 2042.

We are all Mexamericanadians now.