Mailvox: the temptation of the Vox

GA ponders the Inferno:

To what circle Dante’s Hell do you feel yourself sentenced, Vox? It is good that you have WND to vent your spleen as all other earthly forms of mass communication are controlled by liberal/communists who refuse to see the Truth. Terrible to be the sole Keeper of the Faith/Truth!

Actually, it’s a tremendous relief to understand how the system works. It was very confusing and disenchanting when I was first being syndicated and signed to multiple book deals while simultaneously being told by editors in my home town, (from the very paper for which I had written non-political columns for five years), that my writing was suddenly not good enough to put on the editorial page. It was bizarre to see a very average columnist like Michelle Malkin go from zero to over 100 papers in a flash while a far more original and far more successful writer like Ann Coulter struggled to sell into half that many; meanwhile my column has not been picked up by a single paper anywhere even though it has been a strong third behind Ann and Pat Buchanan on WND for two years now.

I had a choice. To go along to get along and write Three Monkey material or to stand by what I believe to be the truth and accept a career outside the media. I chose the latter, and if my contempt for the former path shows through from time to time, that’s only because the opportunity to hop back on it occasionally presents itself and I am forced to consider the question again, if only briefly.

The truth is that if I was going to sell out my principles, I would devote my time to producing the adult computer games that Big Chilly and I flirted with designing ten years ago. I still possess the technology, the contacts and the knowledge; I could produce Strip Club Manager and sell five million copies within eighteen months if I was so inclined. Believe me, I find that a lot more tempting than going media whore and swapping spit with Sean Hannity on Fox.