Libertarians for Bush

Bill is happy with some libertarians: “he [Bush] has instead decided to remove the war from New York City and Washington DC back to the region that spawned and supports the Islamic crusaders.”

Yes, that’s why we’re fighting that war in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan…. Good quotes? I’d say silly and beside the point would be a more accurate description. Badnarik isn’t qualified to be CEO of a socialist-corporate state, he is much better qualified than most to begin the job of dismantling it. George Bush, I have no doubt, will do a very good job of continuing to construct the American Union while working to bolster the legitimacy of the United Nations as well as finding direct financing for it.

This sort of thing, the chickens returning to the roost, doesn’t concern me in the least. You se, the course is set and easily predictable. Bush will win, as I said months ago, and the vast majority of weak-spined but genuine conservatives and frightened libertarians supporting him will be outraged with his administration before the end of his sixth year in office.