The post-election blogworld

The Evangelical Outpost brought up an interesting point the other day. What’s going to happen after the election, when all the Republican blogs won’t have any scary John Kerry stories to get everyone’s panties in a bunch, and when the lefty blogs will have to simply deal with the fact that Hitler just got re-elected rather handily?

Most of my favorite blogs aren’t overly engaged in the election, so they’ll still make for entertaining reading, but for the life of me, I have no idea what the horserace blogs are going to write about. I mean, I assume it’s too early to start scaring people about the next election before the second term has even started, but then, I also think that Christmas decorations should not go up in stores until after Thanksgiving. Clearly, yet another matter with regards to which I am in the distinct minority.

Anyhow, I will still be here doing my best to resolutely ignore the post-election hooplah – I mean, sure, I’ll comment on it but it’s not going to be the primary subject at hand. Perhaps we’ll have to have another contest, this time devoted to guessing a) how long will it take for George Delano to give conservatives another case of buyer’s remorse, and, b) what administration policy will be the culprit?