Kerry is doomed

From the Washington Times: Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry has a serious likability problem, with many voters seeing him as cold, aloof and distant, according to focus groups, recent polls and election analysts. The complaint has dogged the Massachusetts senator throughout his political career, but it has gotten more attention in recent weeks as he undergoes deeper scrutiny in the press and from political pundits. Pollsters say when compared with President Bush on a likability scale, the president leads, often by large margins.

He’s a Senator – strike one. He’s unlikeable – strike two. He an incompetent liar – strike three. I don’t see any chance whatsoever. Even if there is a terrorist strike before November, what’s he going to do, tell everyone that we should go to the UN again? Bush at least can carry off the resolve thing, even if he’s simply going to leave everything up to the State Department and the neocons to spar over. Remember, it’s hard to unseat a sitting president, even one who has pissed off his base as much as George Delano has. Definitely like father, like son in this way. But he didn’t raise taxes – actually cut them – so he’ll be fine.

There is the height and hair factor, but even those should-be benefits simply make Kerry look like a sallow Lurch. Even the muted Democratic enthusiasm seems forced, what little there is of it.