Mailvox: I’m the optimist

JP writes: I understand, and agree, with what you are saying about the Republican party in your WND column for Monday, May 3, 2004. And in a finite microcosm this would prove absolute. However, this embraces, to some degree, the notion that our fearless leaders are AMERICANs. Simply put, they are merely Americans in name only. With globalization, politically, economically and socially the heartbeat of so many of our elected and non-elected officials, the broad strokes of their actions become much more clear. It is not so much a suicide pact with the devil that is in process, but a whole new regime in the birthing. With activist judges, declared and undeclared communists in congress, fracturing of the educational system, social norms postured as phobic-based bigotry, pandering to the enemies of a free world, and destroying the roots (as well as the seeds) of the greatest nation known in the history of mankind, is just par-for-the-course as the new world order comes into being. The elitists are already in place. The pacifying government dole has been operating for decades. We will see the last elected president of the US in our lifetimes and probably much sooner than anticipated – if such could be said to be anticipated. It is with forethought and malice the machinations of the elitists has been painstakingly implemented. It is not suicide, but birthing pangs.

Now, there’s one abortion I’d favor! This is what I consider to be the worse-case scenario. Unfortunately, I have numerous reasons for believing that the odds lay with JP’s predictions. Once I realized that NAFTA was likely the first step in the AU (American Union), it put everything on an easily conceivable timetable. The EU was 50 years from conception to political unity, so the clock’s been ticking since 1992. That would put us at a Canamex merger in 2042. Spanish lessons would seem to be in order.

Worst case, of course, is Cthulhu rising. But he’s been slumbering so long, what are the odds he’ll wake up now?