He has no dog

What a strange thing for the editor-in-chief of a publication which is regularly dismissed by the Left as being both vehemently conservative and lockstep Republican to write! Joseph Farah’s column today defends MoveOne.org and its anti-Bush ads.

The Republican Party was complicit in designing these rules limiting what special-interest groups can say and do in campaigns. The Democrats, the party preferred by MoveOn.org, was complicit in designing those rules. The Supreme Court, supposedly the experts on the Constitution, surprised everyone by upholding the clearly unconstitutional law these two parties conspired to impose on us all.

Two factions. One party. And yet some still wonder why I don’t care if George Delano or Jean Francois wins in November. Perhaps now people are finally starting to believe Mr. Farah when he says, as he did in 2000, that he has no dog in this hunt.