Mailvox: On gaydar

El Zinko writes: Did you need directions to some good gay pubs in the U.K., Vox?

Um, I’m good, thanks, Zink. Actually, I’m in the process of wrapping up a new book at the end of the month and needed a little versimilitude. On a semi-related note, I think I can say that for a straight guy, I have pretty good gaydar. I met three of the Perfect Aryan Male’s friends tonight for the first time; after we parted ways, I commented “not so much interested in women.” The Perfect Aryan concurred, and Space Bunny wanted to know to whom I was referring. All three, I told her, which the Perfect Aryan confirmed.

I suspect it is a talent honed by getting hit on a lot when working at an upscale clothing store in high school. It got to the point where I could look up, shake my head, and they’d move on without either party saying anything.

It never bothered me, although my brother used to freak out a bit. But then, he’s much better looking than I am and used to get downright pestered from time to time. I figure it’s a compliment, of essentially the same sort that I’ve paid to women who had zero interest in me. As for the morality aspect, well, I’m not in a position to throw a lot of stones. We all need to repent of something, and I have a lot of sympathy for those who are so in bondage to their sin as to identify themselves with it.

I loved my peccato particolare. Still do, to a certain extent. But the difference is that now there are other things I love more.