Has anyone checked on the whereabouts of Dr. Eco

In comparing the Madrid bombings to the 9-11 terrorist attacks in the United States, there are some interesting numerical ties. There were 911 days in-between the terror attacks in Madrid and Sept. 11, 2001 – or 9-11 as it has become known – when al-Qaida-backed terrorists slammed planes into the Pentagon, a field in Pennsylvania and the World Trade Center towers in New York, destroying them. The Madrid bombings – which happened on 3-11 – also came 2-1/2 years to the day after the 9-11 attacks.

This is obviously the reason that the Patriot Act required the ability to search library records. Clearly we’re dealing with a group of amateur numerologists. Conspiracy-minded historical novelists of the future are going to have a field day with our era.