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Germany Declares War on Russia

I don’t think this declaration by Germany’s Foreign Minister is going to age well, especially how it calls back to the infamous Lebensraum policy of the Third Reich.

Ukraine’s future “lies in” the European Union, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said on Monday, adding that the bloc would soon incorporate regions that had joined Russia in 2022 but are still claimed by Kiev.

“[The EU] will soon stretch from Lisbon to Lugansk,” Baerbock told journalists on the sidelines of the EU foreign ministers’ meeting in the Ukrainian capital.

Lugansk is the capital of the Lugansk People’s Republic – one of the two former eastern Ukrainian regions that declared independence from Kiev in 2014 in the wake of the Western-backed Maidan coup in Kiev. Russia recognized its independence in February 2022, just days before the start of its military campaign in Ukraine. In autumn 2022, the Lugansk People’s Republic joined Russia, together with three other former Ukrainian territories following a series of referendums.

I don’t think this will surprise the Russians, who have known they were going to have to defeat NATO directly ever since the decapitation attack on Kiev failed at the beginning of the special military operation. And while I’m confident the Russians aren’t seeking a European empire, I think it is far more likely that Imperial Russia will stretch from Primorsky Krai to Porto than the EU will reach Lugansk. I very much doubt either Ukraine or the EU will survive WWIII as political entities.

This does not bode well for Europeans who had hoped for saner governments in the aftermath of the inevitable failure of the Ukro-NATO offensive.


A Sad Puppy Testifies

The brilliant Hans Schantz tells of his differing experiences with Jon Del Arroz and the big-name authors who are presently engaged in a series of unprofessional and inappropriate attacks on the Arkhaven author:

As my fans and Wise of Heart subscribers are well aware, I run periodic “Based Book Sales” where indie and small press authors join together to offer some of their books at $0.99 or free. I compile them in a couple of big blog posts and we all use our social media reach and email lists to promote the sale. We introduce our readers to other authors whose works they might find interesting. And those other authors introduce their readers to our books. It’s a win-win.

Lately, sales have been moving about a thousand books in each outing. The all-time record was about five thousand. Each sale connects several dozen authors to hundreds of new readers. And Jon del Arroz has been there since the beginning, participating and helping out fellow authors, most of whom have no where near his social media reach.

The big-name authors are well aware of the sale. We even include their books, since our readers may not be familiar with some of them and might appreciate being introduced to a new author. But with few exceptions, they prefer to whine about how they are being ignored by influencers with greater reach than theirs, while at the same time refusing to lend a hand to the “parasites” trying to “ride on their coat tails”…

The “Sad Puppies” saga is not my story to tell. I was merely one of thousands of backers and supporters of the movement. From my in-the-trenches perspective, though, it was an effort to carve out a niche for non-woke fiction from the Skittle-hair people in the publishing industry who sought to ignore and suppress not only dissenting views, but also any fiction that failed to properly kow-tow to their diversity quotas and social justice diktats. Great progress was made… until big-name authors and their big-name publishers decided enough controversy was enough, their point had been made and they were going to take their flags and go home, abandoning the rest of us on the field of battle.

Painful as that betrayal was at the time, it was probably for the best, because it gave rise to a more decentralized and less cancellable movement. Individual creators carved out their own independent pieces of a based literature movement, call it “Iron Age,” or “Comicsgate,” or “Superversive.” Based creators making based fiction and graphic novels serving their fans and defying their would-be gatekeepers.

And the legacy big-name authors and some of their fans are clueless and fail to understand what Jon means when he says “I am the leader of Sad Puppies,” for he omits the rest of the Gamergate-inspired mantra: “and so can you.”

L’Affaire del Arroz, 2 October 2023

As it happens, the Sad Puppies saga and the Comicsgate kerfluffle are my stories to tell, and I will tell them when I appear on Jon Del Arroz’s stream on Thursday night for an interview with him. It’s not my intention to criticize anyone, victimize anyone, or air any dirty laundry – and there isn’t any to air anyhow, Sad Puppies really was just a fundamental difference of opinions – but I will ensure that everyone knows exactly what happened and why it happened for future reference.

We’ll also have a new announcement to make concerning Alt-Hero.

In the interest of full disclosure, I note that Hans Schantz is an Arktoons contributor and I have occasionally supported his Based Book Sales marketing efforts.


The 4Chan Guide to Rhetoric

This is a very good summary of how to meme effectively takes into account everything from Aristotle to GamerGate.




Have a specific target in mind (either a person, or a well-developed stereotype). Know the narratives they use to make sense of the world.

Know what they are likely to find entertaining.


Use a message that the target is likely to agree with.

If this is not possible, frame the message that they will disagree with in terms that they are likely to agree with. Ensure it fits enough so that it is not just recognizable, but is considered true without having to think about it. Use vague terms that are likely to have wide appeal, and can be applied to whatever the target has in mind.


Ensure that the propaganda is concise enough to be easily understood and digested.

Follow the setup/payoff model:

Setup: A familiar premise that sets expectations.

Payoff: An unexpected development that subverts the expectation.

The Payoff must be delivered quickly enough to trigger the ‘sudden realization’ that induces humor.

The setup and payoff can be Explicit (A guy walks into a bar) Contextual (your boss farts in a meeting) or Ironic (A towtruck stuck in a ditch)

Use forms and motifs from propaganda that is already successful. This ensures recognizability, which is eye-catching.

It also means there is a high likelihood that the person will find it entertaining.


A strong emotion will overwhelm the target’s ability to rationally think through the implications of the message. Any emotion can achieve this. A very funny piece, an enraging piece, or a piece that causes dread or demoralization can be effective. AS LONG AS IT RESONATES WITH THE TARGET’S NARRATIVES.


The propaganda should work to convey a narrative message. This can be a simple message about a person (or group of people).

IE, Joe Biden or all Democrats are stupid.

This can also be a way to contextualize events or relations.

IE, Joe Biden wants to tax us to death, the Democrats are running up the deficit.

The best messages are short and simple.

Overtime, the cumulative effect of many short messages will change a person’s worldview.

Some of the memes being produced in accordance with this guidance, and utilizing the latest DALL-E AI graphics engine, are very good. One example:


Vibrancy in the UK

The English are beginning to learn that their former subjects didn’t really take to the English way of doing things after all.

Almost 90 retail leaders, including the bosses of Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Boots and WH Smith, have written to the government demanding action on rising retail crime, in which violent criminals are “emptying stores”.

The retailers, who also include the bosses of Aldi, Primark and Superdrug, call for the creation of a new UK-wide aggravated offence of assaulting or abusing a retail worker – as already exists in Scotland – which would carry tougher sentences and require police to record all incidents of retail crime and allow the allocation of more resources.

“The police consistently tell us that a lack of data about these offences means they have no visibility about the nature or scale of the issue,” the letter says.

The 88 retail bosses have asked for a meeting with the home secretary, Suella Braverman, to discuss the issue after a meeting with the minister for crime, Chris Philp, led to the promise to develop an action plan.

The call comes after retailers, including the Co-op and John Lewis, highlighted what they said was a worsening issue. A survey of members of the British Retail Consortium (BRC), which represents all the major chains, found levels of shoplifting in 10 of the biggest cities had risen by an average of 27% this year.

Meanwhile, the police’s own data for one major retailer shows that forces failed to respond to 73% of serious retail crimes that were reported, while 44% of retailers in the BRC’s annual crime survey rated the police response as “poor” or “very poor”.

Apparently the English dirt isn’t magic either. Of course, all of the “retail leaders” complaining about immigrant crime are still funding advertising that relentlessly pushes Africans into every single ad on British television. To judge by the advertising, and by the advertising for the shows, you’d think that BBC stood for the Botswana Broadcasting Corporation.

However, speaking of British television advertising, I was excited to spot family number 15 for the man who appears to be the primary black actor available for hire as a family man this last week. That makes 12 white wives and 3 black ones for him so far.


The Saga of the Baen Exemplar

Jon is a sociopathic grifter who goes through life trying to insert himself into other peoples’ troubles to try and score clout for himself. He starts shit for others and then cries how he’s a victim. When you take exception to him fucking people over for clout he will say everybody but him is a secret leftist sell out and you just hate him because he’s “Christian”. Do not trust him. He’s fucking cancer. Seriously. I can’t accentuate this enough. Trust him at your own peril. That dude is the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  • Larry Correia, 25 September 2023

I have zero interest in saying anything negative about Larry Correia or contributing to the never-ending stream of Baen-related drama. I’ve never had any problem with him, personal or professional. He’s a significant figure of the right-wing cultural scene and I like both his Monster Hunter and Grimoire novels. Quantum Mortis: A Man Disrupted was a conscious attempt to out gun-porn Larry in a science fiction setting. And even our disagreement about the ideal way to handle the Hugo Awards led directly to my favorite experience of my entire literary career, the epic two-year Rabid Puppies rampage, for which I will always be grateful.

However, given the public nature of these accusations about a valued contributor to both Arktoons and Unauthorized, I would be remiss if I did not clearly state for the record that Larry Correia is flat-out wrong about Jon Del Arroz. Larry is flat-out and provably wrong. I can testify, from personal experience, that Jon is neither “fucking cancer” nor a “vile fucker”, and that it’s both unprofessional and incorrect for any established writer to assert that he is.

Unauthorized subscribers who wish to hear Jon’s take can watch his UATV-exclusive video on the subject.

And since we’re speaking of Jon Del Arroz, I’m pleased to observe that his novel JUSTIFIED, the first in The Saga of the Nano Templar, launched in episodic format on Arktoons today.


Immigration of Color = Bankruptcy

It’s interesting to see a post from six years ago turned into a meme. But it’s even more interesting to see how no one who purports to be an economist ever bothers to apply the financial reality to their empty theories about immigration being “good for the economy” and the need for more skilled workers somehow justifying mass immigration.

The United States, South Africa, and Zimbabwe all provide copious historical information on the economic results of changing the demographics of the population. And the per capita lifetime budgetary impact makes it clear that even a relatively small demographic shift on the order of 10 percent can have a massive and lasting impact on the wealth of nations.

For example, the annual cost to White Americans to subsidize the population of Black Americans is $420.7 billion dollars and rising. As the white population falls as a percentage of the population, so does the ability of the various levels of government to continue providing that level of subsidy. And this doesn’t even begin to take into account the additional effect of declining average IQ levels.

The dirt is not magic.


China Signs On

The pagans may not be believers, but they appear to recognize true evil when they see it, and by their adoption of Russia’s rhetoric, it appears they have some idea with whom they’re at war.

Beijing has labeled Washington the “true empire of lies” as it dismissed allegations contained in a new report by the US State Department, which accused China of “global information manipulation.”

“Some in the US may think that they can prevail in the information war as long as they produce enough lies. But the people of the world are not blind,” China’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Saturday. It added that “more and more people in the world” are seeing through America’s “ugly attempt to perpetuate its supremacy” with lies.

The US has a long history of manipulation and disinformation campaigns, the ministry continued, citing a number of examples spanning from the early Cold War period to the present day.

Of course, it’s also possible that the Chinese diplomats just recognize the “empire of lies” as effective anti-Clown World rhetoric with a strong dialectical base and are adopting it on that basis. But while they’ve been at asymetric “unrestricted” war with the USA since 1999, they have not been open about it. Clearly, that is changing.

UPDATE: Interesting. The Chinese Foreign Ministry actually put out a press release dedicated to this one specific issue.

Q: The US Department of State released a report on September 28, claiming that China has invested billions of dollars to spread disinformation globally. It says that China’s “global information manipulation” is not simply a matter of public diplomacy – but a challenge to the integrity of the global information space, and if unchecked, Beijing’s efforts could result in a sharp contraction of global freedom of expression in the future. What is China’s response?

A: The US Department of State report is in itself disinformation as it misrepresents facts and truth. In fact, it is the US that invented the weaponizing of the global information space. The relevant center of the US State Department which concocted the report is engaged in propaganda and infiltration in the name of “global engagement”. It is a source of disinformation and the command center of “perception warfare”. From Operation Mockingbird which bribed and manipulated news media for propaganda purposes in the Cold War era, to a vial of white powder and a staged video of the “White Helmets” cited as evidence to wage wars of aggression in Iraq and Syria earlier this century, and then to the enormous lie made up to smear China’s Xinjiang policy, facts have proven time and again that the US is an “empire of lies” through and through. Even some in the US, such as Senator Rand Paul, acknowledged that the US government is the greatest propagator of disinformation in the history of the world.

Some in the US may think that they can prevail in the information war as long as they produce enough lies. But the people of the world are not blind. No matter how the US tries to pin the label of “disinformation” on other countries, more and more people in the world have already seen through the US’s ugly attempt to perpetuate its supremacy by weaving lies into “emperor’s new clothes” and smearing others.

Remarks on the US State Department’s Report Targeting China, 30 September 2023


The Material Side of the Spiritual War

Boyzone singer Shane Lynch testifies to the way the pop music industry is as openly and knowingly Satanic as the 80’s metal hair bands aspired to be:

The [music] industry is destructive – let me take it straight to God and to the spiritual world. We have the Holy Spirit that guides us and protects us in the name of Christ, but the demonic side of the music industry is very real too. That’s how I came to God; through understanding the demonic side.

I was certainly interested in being mysterious; it gave me a character, it gave me some substance that I could hold on to. Why I portrayed myself in those ways I don’t know – maybe I was trying to prove something. But it intrigued me, the darker side of the world. Ouija boards, séances, tarot card reading, all that kind of spiritual stuff really got hold of me. That all came from our very first album launch; it was a Halloween party in a big mansion, but that was super demonic. We were just young kids, [and we thought]: It’s a bit of fun. All the record company and the journalists are there, and here we go. Not all music is bad, but the majority of it is [designed] to take you away from Christ, 100 per cent.

Do you mean in terms of the lyrics or the big players in the industry?

Both. Lyrically and big players. I’ve been in rooms – at the top of the top – where albums are prayed over demonically. Music is prayed over demonically that goes out to the radio stations, to the public. When you see that stuff, it’s frightening.

What do you mean by “prayed over demonically”?

Rituals, ceremonies, everything to give light to the devil, to Satan. It’s a satanic music industry.

Do you mean figuratively, or literally?

Literally. Yes.

The ticket takers don’t just have sympathy for the Devil. They know what they are doing and they are actively serving him. From Bob Dylan and Mick Jagger to Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and Doja Cat, they are literal servants of Satan.

That’s why the pop stars all hate, fear, and mock Christians.

It’s why I tend to prefer listening to classical music, much of which was written in the active service of Jesus Christ. There are few negative moods that a Bach concerto can’t cure.


The Kids are All Right

They’re going to be, anyhow. The youth have clearly grasped that the older generations are not going to defend them or their nations, and that the burden of action is going to fall upon them. And they’ve also observed that vigilante justice is the only justice that exists any more.

No doubt the wicked Swedish government that failed to protect this girl and refused to punish her rapist will throw its full weight against these young vigilantes. But the massive hypocrisy this entails will only accomplish the precise opposite of its objectives and encourage a wave of similar, but more silent reprisals.

I’ve always said that the wars that will bring about the end of the United States would begin when someone from the wrong family is victimized by one group of invaders or another. Apparently this may hold true for less heterogeneous polities as well. It will be interesting to learn if this girl is actually Swedish or if she’s also a foreigner. If she is actually a daughter of the vikings, it won’t be surprising if one day, after the end of the mass repatriations, there are statues built to honor her. These are precisely the sort of acts that become myths and legends over time.

Consider, for example, the founding legends of Rome, and the rape of Lucretia that ended the Roman monarchy.

It’s already beginning in Latin America too. I won’t link to the report, since it’s worse than the average horror movie, but a young African woman recently learned the very hard way that it’s a fatal mistake to physically attack the daughter of a cartel lord.

All across the West, people have lost faith in their government to maintain order. And now they are beginning to realize that there is no cavalry, and that if anyone is going to protect their family, if anyone is going to protect their nation, it’s going to have to be themselves.