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GUN GHOUL Episode 20

Evading the Obvious

It’s always amusing to see how SJWs set their projects up for failure, then do their best to hide the obvious reason for the failure from everyone. This year’s Strictly Come Dancing premier, which is one of the most popular British television events, mysteriously lost 16 percent of its ratings from last year’s premier, and is down nearly one-quarter from its 2016 peak viewership. A plethora of reasons for this decline have been suggested.

Strictly’s launch night scored its lowest ever viewing figures on Saturday – with the low numbers said to be down to good weather, line-up and anti-vaxx controversy.

The BBC show attracted an audience of 7.2 million viewers for the inaugural show over the weekend, and while those numbers remain broadly impressive, they still represent a significant drop from last year’s 8.6 million.

While insiders remain positive over a rise when live shows return, prior to the launch airing fans insisted they were less than impressed with the line-up and Covid claims surrounding the show, while sources said the good weather was to blame.

Other users grumbled over the absence of Janette Manrara and insisted the show peaked with last year’s winner Bill Bailey. The Twitter users in question penned: ‘Why is janette not dancing this year? I love watching her. It’s not the same on ITT… I’m not even watching it this year, Bill was peak Strictly for me, cannot be beaten’.

Another claim was that the weather was a key factor in explaining the figures.

The TV source told the Sunday Mirror newspaper: ‘Lots of people had been out and about enjoying the early autumn sunshine and will probably watch on catch-up today.’

Other concerns surround the news of a ‘no jab, no jive’ row, over the refusal of two of its dancers to be vaccinated.

Of course, while the real reason is mentioned, it is not mentioned in the context of being responsible for the near-textbook ratings loss, which I would anticipate will end up being around the usual 20 percent first-year convergence-related decline described in Corporate Cancer.

Craig Revel Horwood has tipped John Waite and Johannes Radebe to win this year’s ‘Strictly’. The duo have formed the first ever all-male pairing on the show, and Craig views them as the frontrunners in this year’s competition.

Yeah, it’s probably the weather. Right. The reality is that the better the offensive all-male pairing does on the show, the more the ratings will decline. It doesn’t matter whether the subject is sports, video games, or female-focused television, convergence always kills. And those pushing and/or defending the convergence never, ever learn from all of the previously documented examples of the phenomenon.


The Devil’s Shot

Now, I don’t spend any time thinking about the spiritual aspects of the fake vaccines, mostly because I consider there to be sufficient – or to be more precise, conclusive and incredibly obvious – material reasons to assiduously avoid submitting to the Covid-19 shots at all costs. But at least some of those Christians who do contemplate these matters have come to believe that there is something seriously dark about them.

We must also remember that the devil lies, too. However, there are many times when the devil speaks the truth, especially when forced with the prayers that are read during an exorcism. Likewise, we read in the Gospels of the demons speaking the truth to Jesus: “Thou art the son of God!” The demons confessed that Christ is God.

Let us take these things into account so that we don’t fall into this trap of Satan, which as you can see, Satan is using much force to direct all of humanity into this trap so he can kill as many as possible. This is the murderer that Satan is.

This is now all coming to fruition with what is happening globally. The devil wants to take as many souls as possible. This is his final goal. If all these things were good, why would they make them mandatory? Something that is good is not forced.

Some of the testimonies provided sound outlandish and melodramatic. I certainly can’t testify to their legitimacy. And yet, it is quite clear to me that there is something deeply evil about this global campaign to enforce the universal acceptance of an ineffective and dangerous experimental medical technology, a substantive evil that is somehow remniscent of modern transhumanism and the weird techno-esotericism of That Hideous Strength.

UPDATE: If you’re still not sure we’re dealing with pure satanic evil here, consider what Pfizer plans next:

Pfizer will push for its Covid vaccine to be approved for children as young as five, the company announced today — as Britain began injecting healthy 12 to 15-year-olds with the jab for the first time. American officials are set to review the data in the coming weeks and decide whether to roll out the vaccine to pre-teens in October, with Pfizer also planning to seek authorisation in Europe and the UK. Pfizer is also trialling its vaccines on babies as young as six months and expects the results of that study to be available by winter, in a move likely to cause international controversy.

There is absolutely zero scientific or medical justification for these injections and every single individual responsible knows it.


The Conviction of the Comedian

Jim Breuer refuses to perform for mandate venues:

Comedian Jim Breuer announced that he will “absolutely not” perform at venues that require COVID-19 vaccinations.

The Saturday Night Live alum and stand-up comic said he would be canceling scheduled shows in Michigan and New Jersey due to venue vaccine mandates, which he deemed “segregation.”

“Due to the segregation of them forcing people to show up with vaccination, to prove you’re vaccinated, to prove you’ve had a shot … I’m absolutely not doing those shows,” Breuer said during a Facebook Live post. “What these establishments are doing is wrong. What this dictatorship is doing is wrong.”

Good for him. It’s going to be fascinating to see how these newly-segregating societies evolve once it becomes clear to the vaccinated that a) pureblood society has no interest whatsoever in their filthy mudblood world, and b) the vaccinated will never be able to take part in pureblood society.

The wheat and the chaff are separating themselves.


You Shouldn’t Hate Us

Of all the Boomers that ever Boomed, this Boomer has written what appears to be the most Boomeriffic editorial to ever appear in print.

Baby boomers who cried “Don’t Trust Anyone Over 30” during the Vietnam War should be scared to death of millennials. Because, at least among the Twitterati, they hate us — they really, really hate us.

Last week I took a beating from younger readers over an essay I wrote lamenting the decline of the “power lunch.” Although it only partly blamed the phenomenon on millennial habits — e.g., preferring avocado and kale to beef and baked potatoes — hundreds of thousands on Twitter either posted or retweeted such insults as “Old man yells at lunch table” (I’m 69), “What’s it like to be an antique?” and “We’re the ones doing the actual lunches while you’re having three-martini lunches.”

Millennials (and to some extent their Gen-X and Gen-Z brethren) hate their elders with a ferocity never before seen in our culture. Egged on by the media-savvy likes of 16-year-old Greta Thunberg, they blame prolonged heat waves on boomers who supposedly stood by and cheered as the Earth went up in flames. The phrase “OK BOOMER” has now become young people’s “repeated retort to the problem of older people who just don’t get it,” marking “the end of friendly generational relations,” The New York Times declared last week. According to the article, a teen designer has already sold $10,000 worth of sweatshirts with the “OK BOOMER” slogan repeated many times on the front, ending with the line, “Have a terrible day.”

Generation gaps will always be with us. Historian Marc Wortman found a generational split over sending young men off to war way back in 1941. But unlike those of us who came of age in the 1960s-early 1970s, who merely disapproved of our elders’ “colonialist” wars and shag rugs, millennials (born between 1980-1994) can’t stand the air we boomers breathe.

Too many millennials whine that their complacent elders bequeathed them a rotten America and a rotten world — economic malaise that will leave them with lousier lives than their parents and a planet on fire from climate change. But if they spent more time studying actual history, which can’t easily be found on iPhones, they’d know that boomers were, and remain, the most socially and environmentally conscious generation America ever has ever known.

It’s hilarious, and ever-so-typical, that the Boomer STILL doesn’t realize that Generation X hates the Boomers far more than the Millennials ever have or than the Zoomers ever will. This Boomer will literally go to his grave completely bewildered by the fact that literally none of the younger generations think he’s cool, look up to him, respect him, or even like him a tiny little bit. If he thinks the Millennial hatred for Boomers is extreme, well, let’s just say he’s going to need a considerably bigger adjective to reasonably describe Generation X’s opinion of them.

It’s incredible, and yet ever-so-typical, that he actually thinks it is whining for the younger generations to object in any way to having had both their nation and their world destroyed by a wicked generation that aggressively devalued the very faith, traditions, and morals on which both were resting. He doesn’t realize that Boomers being “the most socially and environmentally conscious generation America ever has ever known” isn’t an excuse or a defense, it’s an unwitting confession of guilt.

I’d give him six of five pillows for this one, just to be sure.


Saturday Arktoons

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Who Wants to be the President

Karl Denninger explains to the Republican governors how the first one to adopt an comprehensive Ivermectin + Zinc + Vitamin C protocol and conclusively defeat the coronavirus, the vaccines, and the lockdowns can also defeat Donald Trump for the 2024 Presidential nomination.

For anyone suspected you dispense to them five doses of Ivermectin to be taken every day if they are obese or otherwise morbid, and every second day if not along with one dose per every two days for everyone in the household, calibrated by their weight. Everyone in the household also gets ten days of a 1,000mg Vitamin C tablet and ten days of 30mg of Zinc, both dietary supplements. The exception is anyone on a blood thinner; you simply ask and, if they are, they don’t get the drug (but do get the supplements.)

The State buys the drug in bulk, from India if you have to (fly a charter over there to pick it up; **** the Feds) and dispenses it.


Read the linked article. This is is not just about treatment; it is also about cutting off forward transmission of the virus. It will not work every time but it doesn’t have to work every time — just often enough to suppress Rt below 1.0 and the virus dies out.

The risk of someone having a serious adverse event from this is 1 in 600,000. If Florida has ten percent of their population that gets infected (or suspected to be) or is in a household with someone who is over the next three months (improbably high, but let’s go with it) that would be a cost of about $5 million. For Alabama it would cost about a million. That’s it.

Who’s got the stones to do this?

Whoever does it first and collapses their Covid-19 case, hospitalization and death rate is President in 2024.

It’s not even remotely difficult and massively less expensive than even a single week of lockdown. So why isn’t every single Republican governor implementing this plan? After all, it’s been around since December 2020.


The World They Seek to Rebuild

Call them Babelists, or Prometheans, or Phoenician Navy. Call them whatever you like. But regardless, understand the nature of the world they are in the process of seeking to rebuild:

A collaborative paper by academics from institutions across the globe, including Oxford University, suggests that Carthaginian parents ritually sacrificed young children as an offering to the gods.

The paper argues that well-meaning attempts to interpret the ‘tophets’ – ancient infant burial grounds – simply as child cemeteries are misguided.

And the practice of child sacrifice could even hold the key to why the civilisation was founded in the first place.

The research pulls together literary, epigraphical, archaeological and historical evidence and confirms the Greek and Roman account of events that held sway until the 1970s, when scholars began to argue that the theory was simply anti-Carthaginian propaganda.

The paper is published in the journal Antiquity.

Dr Josephine Quinn of Oxford University’s Faculty of Classics, an author of the paper, said: ‘It’s becoming increasingly clear that the stories about Carthaginian child sacrifice are true. This is something the Romans and Greeks said the Carthaginians did and it was part of the popular history of Carthage in the 18th and 19th centuries.

‘But in the 20th century, people increasingly took the view that this was racist propaganda on the part of the Greeks and Romans against their political enemy, and that Carthage should be saved from this terrible slander.

‘What we are saying now is that the archaeological, literary, and documentary evidence for child sacrifice is overwhelming and that instead of dismissing it out of hand, we should try to understand it.’

The city-state of ancient Carthage was a Phoenician colony located in what is now Tunisia. It operated from around 800BC until 146BC, when it was destroyed by the Romans.

Children – both male and female, and mostly a few weeks old – were sacrificed by the Carthaginians at locations known as tophets. The practice was also carried out by their neighbours at other Phoenician colonies in Sicily, Sardinia and Malta. Dedications from the children’s parents to the gods are inscribed on slabs of stone above their cremated remains, ending with the explanation that the god or gods concerned had ‘heard my voice and blessed me’.

Notice in particular that the historical revisionism concerning Carthage began in the 1970s, and you probably don’t even have to check Wikipedia to know that the revisionists will tend to share certain characteristics with those who engineered the 1965 Naturalization Act, those who fought for abortion rights, those who led the civil rights movements, and those who pushed feminism on American women.

Moreover, it may help you understand why the Prometheans hate the legacy of Rome every bit as much as they hate Christianity.

The New World Order is actually a very old religion, and the evil seeking to rule Americans today is literally the same cruel evil that ruled Carthage.