Proud to be a Boomer

This epic masterpiece of generational grandiosity is now available for your listening pleasure, courtesy of Boomer Patrol. There is some expressed opinion on Socialgalactic that this may be the best Boomer Patrol track yet, and despite the fact that the 80s KS95 lite pop pomposity of it makes my teeth hurt, I suppose I can, ever so reluctantly, see their point. Especially in light of the Gab Boomer reaction.

…oh please! Why would something as special and unique as the memory of my generation be proud to simply dissolve into a parody, into a common meme…shame on you! Not even funny, DuMB!! I hope Lee Greenwood’s legal team sues the hell out of this!

Proud to be a Boomer

If tomorrow all the things were gone I’d worked for all my life,

Except my 401, my pension, and my second wife.

I’d thank my lucky stars that I am me instead of you.

I’ve got my generation and Bob Dylan and The Who.

I’m proud to be a Boomer ’cause this world was made for me.

And The Beatles were the greatest band in human history.

I’ll gladly stand up, lecture you, and tell you ’bout my youth,

Cause there ain’t no doubt I love myself

God knows that is the truth!

From the Moon landings of NASA, to the war in Vietnam.

From the muddy fields of Woodstock, to protesting the bomb.

From civil rights in Georgia to the riots in LA,

Well there’s pride in every Boomer heart,

It’s time we stand and say:

I’m proud to be a Boomer ’cause this world was made for me.

And The Beatles were the greatest band in human history.

I’ll gladly stand up, lecture you, and tell you you’re no good,

Cause there ain’t no doubt I love myself

You’d Boomer if you could!

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Where Have All the Pillows Gone?

Another classic Boomer Patrol tune for your listening and philosophical pleasure. You can hear it at Soundcloud. You can also get the full seven-song Boomer Patrol set there.

Where Have All the Boomers Gone?

Where have all the pillows gone, long time passing?

Where have all the pillows gone, long time ago?

Where have all the pillows gone?

Justice served by every one

When shall we forget them?

When shall we forget them?


Where have all the Beatles gone, long time passing?

Where have all the Beatles gone, long time ago?

Where have all the Beatles gone?

Gone with Lennon and a gun

When shall we forget them?

When shall we forget them?


Where have all the Hippies gone, long time passing?

Where have all the Hippies gone, long time ago?

Where have all the Hippies gone?

Dead and buried every one

When shall we forget them?

When shall we forget them?


Where have all the vinyls gone, long time passing?

Where have all the vinyls gone, long time ago?

Where have all the vinyls gone?

Gone to downloads, every one

When shall we forget them?

When shall we forget them?


Where have all the Boomers gone, long time passing?

Where have all the Boomers gone, long time ago?

Where have all the Boomers gone?

Pillows silenced every one

Now we can forget them!

Thank God we’ll forget them!

Fred Reed buys the lies

Fred Reed is dumb enough to accept the false Ashkenazi claims of 115 IQ at face value:

Among IQists, it is doctrine that blacks have a mean IQ of 85, fifteen points below the Hagvaca average of 100, and this is held to account for the lack of success of blacks. Searching the literature reveals authorities asserting that Ashkenazi Jews have a mean IQ of 115, as far above ordinary or Hagvaca whites as whites are above blacks. Eureka, and all. Equal differences of input produce equal differences of outcome. N’est-ce pas?.

No, it’s is most definitely not so. Two points are sufficient to conclusively demolish this ridiculous and scientifically unfounded claim that everyone from Jordan Peterson to Fred Reed has mindlessly repeated without ever once thinking through its obvious implications.

First, if Ashkenazis have an average IQ of 115, then all other Israeli Jews, who are the majority of the Jewish population there, have an average IQ of 83.7. This is lower than the average IQs of Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan, as well as Nigeria, Uganda, and the Israeli-Arab population. To claim that “Jews are successful because they are super smart” is tantamount to saying that Israelis are retarded. This is not a difficult concept. Even a relative moron with a mere 115 IQ should be able to follow both the math and the logic involved.

Second, the source of the fictitious “115 mean IQ” claim is the 1957 study by Boris Levinson entitled “The Intelligence of Applicants for Admission to Jewish Day Schools” published in Jewish Social Studies,Vol. 19, No. 3/4 (Jul. – Oct., 1957), pp. 129-140. In the study, which reported a 114.88 mean IQ for the 2,083 very young students sampled, the author noted its intrinsic limitations.

“This study is limited to applicants for Day Schools adhering to the principles of the National Commission for Yeshiva Education. This sampling does not claim to represent the entire Jewish school population or even those children attending yeshiva Day Schools with a different educational emphasis.”

However, the author failed to mention that he did not take into account the test results of the other 3,399 students at the 16 schools, thereby raising the obvious possibility that there was an amount of cherry-picking involved. And it may be worth noting that a similar study found a 118 mean IQ for the white Christian students sampled. But is anyone dumb enough to run around insisting that whites are successful due to their 118 mean IQ?

The corruption of the courts

One of the contributors to Mike Lindell’s symposium describes behavior that some of the recent arbitrants would recognize:

Joe Oltmann, the Tech executive who described hearing Dominion executive Eric Coomer say he had made sure Trump would never win in November, and who said publicly Coomer had extensive ties to Antifa, was at Lindell’s Tech symposium, and briefly told his story. He began by saying people should have no doubt, there is a massive hidden organization in this country that has taken everything over, and it works, in his words, “exactly like the Mafia.” He said when Coomer sued him, the Colorado Court system mysteriously dropped the case in Denver, the bluest district in the state, despite the fact nobody involved lives in Denver, and Denver has nothing to do with the case.

He said the original Judge noted the anti-SLAPP laws of the state would not allow Coomer’s lawyers to depose Altmann or conduct discovery before the initial hearing on the case, so they could not go fishing for details and force Oltmann to have to hire an expensive attorney before he had a chance to get the lawsuit dismissed. That judge quickly got replaced with a new Judge who had marched at Antifa rallies and contributed profusely to Democrats, and that judge, out of the blue in contravening the prior judge and the current case law, before the trial even started, sent notice to counsels out of the blue that she was open to ignoring the anti-SLAPP caselaw and allowing Coomer’s attorneys to go fishing with a deposition of Oltmann before the initial hearing. Oltmann’s attorney, in talking with the judge on a phone conference, argued Oltman should not have to reveal the name of the Antifa member who let him sit in on the phone call with Coomer, because that Antifa member would be killed, to which the judge replied, “I guess we are going to see.”

Everything you have believed about this country – about freedom, about the rule of law, about the Constitution and what it guaranteed you, about what opportunities you had to succeed and what fields you were allowed to operate freely in, even the privacy you were guaranteed in your own home – everything was a lie. They told you this lie, because if they did not, they would face the most heavily armed, and violence-capable population on earth in violent conflict, and you might just take those freedoms and rights by force. And now the lie is collapsing.

An arbitrator used exactly that excuse to deny one arbitrant the right to know who, personally, was responsible for deplatforming him, falsely claiming that to identify the employee responsible would put his life at risk. The level of corruption of some judges and arbitrators, and the extent to which a few of the latter directly ignore the laws that specifically address and control their powers even when explicitely reminded of them, would astonish you.

They will literally declare that black is white, that three months are seven days, and that “no power” means “implicit power to do whatever I want”. Spend five minutes reading some of these corrupt morons’ decisions will suffice to turn the average literate individual with an IQ over 100 into an advocate of violent revolution.

Religious exemption for military vaccines

Apparently the US military reconsidered the disadvantages of dishonorably discharging all the Christians from the armed forces:

The Pentagon on Tuesday released guidelines for how service members could request a religious exemption in lieu of getting the coronavirus vaccine.

By mid-September, all active-duty forces in the military will be required to get shots in their arms to counter the coronavirus as cases continue to once again increase nationwide.

“There is a religious exemption possibility for any mandatory vaccine, and there’s a process that we go through to counsel the individual both from a medical and from a command perspective about using a religious exemption,” Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said Tuesday.

Kirby said military service members who wish to seek an exemption will be required to be counseled by a medical professional and a commander over the risks posed by not receiving the vaccine.

The vaccine dictate is still evil, but at least there is a way out for those who serve. It will be interesting to see how many servicemen suddenly find God in the next month.

A new legend

Unauthorized is very, very pleased to announce that MADE BY JIMBOB has joined the intellectual outlaws of the Internet. Look for his videos on the Made by Jimbob channel, which will be coming soon to UATV.

And check out his appearance today on the Big Bear’s livestream, where he made an interesting connection between the concepts of logos and the corrupt distilling of the human spirit into the corporate logo.

New York Governor resigns

The national Democrats have successfully ejected Andrew Cuomo from the New York governorship:

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has resigned, bringing an end to a 40-year political career that made him a pandemic hero but is now in ruin thanks to a damning report by Attorney General Letitia James which labeled him a serial sexual harasser. 

The narrative is still inconclusive as to why, though. It’s not as if they drove Bill Clinton from office and his behavior was at least an order of magnitude worse.