UATV Service Notice

Unauthorized is getting some big updates to its backend and content servers tonight so the site will be down for a while. A notice about the update has been posted on the homepage; even if the site remains accessible, as long as that notice is posted videos should not be expected to play normally. The interruption is not expected to last more than two hours, and it will not begin until Owen has finished his stream today.


Where Were These Guys 3 Years Ago?

Where were all these comedians suddenly defending free speech now that Dave Chapelle is being cancelled by venues when the comedian from whom Chapelle steals jokes was cancelled three years ago?


Most comedians contacted by OutKick slammed that decision, citing free expression concerns as well as how it might impact other comedians moving forward.

Podcaster and comic Adam Carolla mocked First Avenue‘s social media message explaining its decision.

“We believe in diverse voices and the freedom of artistic expression, but in honoring that, we lost sight of the impact this would have. I can’t stand when people talk about how much they love expression and free speech and in the same breath call for censorship and cancellation. Do you even hear yourself?” asked Carolla, author of the just-released book, “Everything Reminds Me of Something: Advice, Answers … but No Apologies.”

Openly conservative comic Nick Di Paolo slammed the cancellation as anti-American.

“They actually described Dave as danger to the trans community…Like they found the decomposing corpse of Chaz Bono and RuPaul under his house,” says Di Paolo, co-starring in the indie comedy “Fourth of July” with canceled comic Louis C.K.

“I love the fact we live in a country where a minuscule group of people … have the rest of the population terrified of their canceling power for lack of a better term,” Di Paolo says.

Where were these guys back when cancel culture could have been stopped in its tracks? For that matter, where were Clay Travis and Outkick?


Does a Bear Glow in the Woods?

In which Owen and the Beartaria team are accused of being a federal operation:

What I Think Comprises the “Op”

My best guess: I think that there will be four phases of the operation. I believe we are currently nearing the end of Phase One.

Phase One: Information Collection and list making. Owen is collecting the names and addresses of non-op-team “Bears” via two methods:
All letters sent directly to him have the name and address of the “Bear” recorded.

All Telegram links in the BTA (Beartaria Times App) that the Op team runs try and identify the Bears on the Telegram chat and then proceed to collect as much information and possible about the person’s views on controversial topics.

Phase Two: Initial roll-up of subset of the “Bears” that Owen and the team has identified and categorized as fitting into the preferred Operational Target (I describe the “Operational Target” in the following section) To provide believable cover for himself, just like those 1980’s Miami Vice episodes, he will ALSO be arrested and it will be a spectacle that is recorded by the op team for purposes of mass media dissemination.

My best guess is that the timing of will coincide with one of the meet-ups or happen during a meet-up, because of the convenient proximity of the operational targets. Because of this, I predict that Phase Two will happen all in one day sometime during the upcoming Bear Meet-up in the Ozarks.

Phase Three: Phase 3 will be the prosecution and confinement of the preferred Operational Targets identified in phase 1. It will also include, of course, the slipping away of Owen Benjamin or his release based on some legal reason or technicality. This is consistent with prior ops where the leader escapes punishment. Typically, these leaders are on the payroll of security services and make a LOT of money if they are good. Owen Benjamin is the best person I’ve ever seen play the role of “oppressed victim of The System.”

Owen will have to re-convince his audience that he’s NOT an insider to the operation; some will believe him and others will not. If he plays that role effectively, then Phase 4 will be more successful for the op team.

Phase Four: Phase 4 will be the identification and possible apprehension of those individuals who express vehement anger or rage at the operation, whether they be on social media or otherwise. Given the emphasis of Owen on his family and all of the heart-rending content he posts, this last phase could actually be substantial. All individuals identified will either be 1) Intimidated or 2) Arrested.

Is it possible that Owen is the largest and most unlikely honeypot in FBI history? Sure, it’s possible. Anything is possible. But that’s not the right question. The right question is “what is the probability that Owen and the entire Bear infrastructure are feds?” And the answer to that is: very, very low.

The two things that immediately leaped out at me are: a) this came out not long after Patriot Front was, and in my opinion, correctly, ID’d as a federal op. So, a little poisoning of the independent well would make sense at this point in time. And b) the title “Son of Yeshua” is deeply suspect and strongly indicates we’re dealing with a Gamma caught up in the throes of a self-delusion right from the start. Characters with these sorts of appellations almost invariably believe themselves to be some sort of prophet and enjoy predicting future events that never come to pass.

You would not believe some of the emails and “warnings” that I receive on a regular basis. Suffice it to say that they are never, ever genuine in any way.

The good news here is that the aforementioned gentleman was kind enough to provide us with a clear predictive model. So, after no one is arrested for anything this summer, we can safely conclude that he’s full of complete nonsense and await the next attempt to discredit another pillar of the Unauthorized community.

And before the attention of the Panopticon returns to me again, I will confirm that I am not employed or associated with or compensated by any intelligence, surveillance, military, investigative, or police organization. I can’t speak for anyone else on the subject, but I will speak unequivocally for myself.

As for the accuser, he would do well to keep in mind that “bearing false witness” is not a legitimate activity for the Christian.


1,000 Videos on UATV

Congratulations to the Big Bear, whose Owen’s Livestreams channel on UATV has just hit 1,000 videos. That’s 80 days, 17 hours, and 31 seconds of video content from his livestreams alone, and that doesn’t count the 457 other videos that are featured on one of his other three channels.

This is remarkable, if you consider that Unauthorized launched with Owen’s first livestream back in March 2019. But if the progress has been a little winding and uneven at times, it has also been relentless, and 2022 is going to see new creators, new features, and a massive quantity of new content.

Nuke Netflix, Ditch Disney, cut the CNN cable, and support UATV instead. You’ll be glad you did, because this is merely the beginning of a very long march that is going to take us to a lot of places you’ll want to go. And if you’re already a UATV subscriber, don’t forget to make the transition to the new payment system, which is necessary for participation in the coming UATV chats as well as for supporting multiple creators and giving gift subscriptions.

They told us to build our own platforms. And that’s exactly what we’re doing. Because we neither need nor want to be a part of their world.


Attn: UATV Subscribers

As those who are active on SG already know, we have launched a new subscription system of our own development using a more reliable payment backend that is considerably more efficient and flexible than the external system we were hitherto using. This system already allows for multiple subscriptions on a single account, provides better management tools, and will eventually permit cross-accounts with other projects such as SG and Arkhaven.

The old system is still running, but everyone who has an ACTIVE account on the old system now has an identical account on the new system that is active to the same renewal date as the previous one, which in most cases is monthly. However, to keep your NEW account active, it will be necessary to provide your updated payment information to the new system. Here are the instructions:

  1. Log in to Unauthorized.TV
  2. Look in the upper right corner. Please note that if there is a green button saying LOG IN, you are NOT logged in!
  3. Click the white button marked “Enter Payment Info” under the notice in the top right
  4. Enter payment information.
  5. To avoid being charged twice, cancel your subscription in the old system
  6. Go to
  7. Log in to the old system with the password originally used to buy the subscription, NOT the password used to log in to the main site
  8. Cancel the subscription / remove payment details from the old site.

If you have any questions, please post them on SG.

Note that it is now possible to see what is on UATV without actually watching any of the videos or listening to the MP3 files. Eventually, it will be possible for the creators to designate individual videos or audio files as open to the public. And to add additional subscriptions to support different creators, simply log in, go to your account, and click ADD SUBSCRIPTION.

There may be those who fall through the cracks for one reason or another during this transition process, and if that happens to you, don’t worry, we’ll straighten it out and make sure you have access. Annual subscribers should note that their previous subscription is good for the duration of the twelve-month period from which it began, so there is no need to make a new one immediately unless it was made nearly one year ago.

UATV Video Update

The dev team has recently made some significant changes to the site, as we’ve replaced the in-browser video player with a custom one derived from open source player code. Some of the more important new features include:

  • No more spinning black circle
  • Smoother video playback
  • Better buffering on lower-speed connections
  • Faster video start times, even on Big Bear’s monster three-hour videos
  • Instant play when jumping forward in the video
  • Download MP4 / Download MP3 buttons
  • User-selected playback rates from 0.5x to 2x by increments of .25
  • Stream audio switch (now resets to beginning, will be made seamless)
  • Original streaming dates displayed

These are far from the only changes, as the backend content control system has been completely revamped. The new system means, among other things, that creators no longer need to upload videos that were streamed live on UATV. This is the first step towards a full-fledged streaming system that will include chat, superchat, notifications, and radio-style channels that provide a continuous live stream of audio content.

And speaking of creators, the always-hilarious Jimbob has joined UATV and his fans can now support his channel with a monthly MADE BY JIMBOB subscription.


A new legend

Unauthorized is very, very pleased to announce that MADE BY JIMBOB has joined the intellectual outlaws of the Internet. Look for his videos on the Made by Jimbob channel, which will be coming soon to UATV.

And check out his appearance today on the Big Bear’s livestream, where he made an interesting connection between the concepts of logos and the corrupt distilling of the human spirit into the corporate logo.

Unauthorized welcomes St. Efan

Unauthorized.TV is very pleased to announce that St. Efan himself, Stefan Molyneux, has joined UATV. Not only will his videos be available to UATV subscribers, but he is already producing UATV-exclusive content, including his very first video: The Terrible Truth About the Shooting of Daunte Wright.

Stefan is one of the most highly regarded philosophers on the ideological Right, and an undaunted truthseeker who does not hesitate to confront some of the greatest shibboleths of our time. His intellectual pursuit of the truth has cost him dearly, as he may be the third-most-deplatformed individual after Milo and Owen, having been banned from Patreon, Paypal, Twitter, and YouTube, just to name a few of the converged platforms that have pronounced him anathema.

As such, St. Efan is without question highly unauthorized by the thought police, he is the perfect addition to the collection of intellectual outlaws who presently make up Unauthorized. If you would like to support Stefan’s Unauthorized channel, you can subscribe to it here. And if you are already a UATV subscriber and happen to be active on Gab, you may wish to note his announcement on joining UATV there.

UPDATE: A subscriber asks how to support multiple creators:

I’ve been a Feed the Bear subscriber of UATV since it was launched and have been quite pleased with the content and the creators. I am delighted that Stefan Molyneux has joined, as I had been hoping that he would come on board since the inception of UATV. To get to the point, I would like to support Stefan, Razorfist and Dr. Brown in addition to the big bear but don’t see a way to add subscriptions for them. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Subscriptions are connected to emails. So, you can take out another subscription with a different email. Eventually we will add the ability to have multiple subscriptions per account/email, but that is not a top priority at the moment.

Netherflix is losing its lead

Netherflix’s market share has fallen by one-third:

Netflix lost 31 per cent of its market share over the last year despite adding more than 36 million new users as its competitors gain steam

Despite adding more than 36 million new users, Netflix’s US market share took a tumble from 29 per cent to 20 per cent, representing a 31{3549d4179a0cbfd35266a886b325f66920645bb4445f165578a9e086cbc22d08} drop since 2020 

Amazon Prime Video is in a comfortable second place with 16 per cent of market

Hulu barely made it to third place at 13 per cent while HBO Max is hot on the company’s heels with 12 per cent

Disney+ rounds out the top five streaming services in fifth place with 11 per cent

The leftover 28 per cent of the market is made up of services like Apple TV+, Starz, Paramount+, and others.

UATV has only a very tiny fraction of the market, but we’re growing. The second test of livestreaming was successful last night, and I just received the rough cut of UATV’s first original documentary, which will be available on UATV soon. The Devil doesn’t have all the good music and soon he won’t have all the good video either.