Fred Reed buys the lies

Fred Reed is dumb enough to accept the false Ashkenazi claims of 115 IQ at face value:

Among IQists, it is doctrine that blacks have a mean IQ of 85, fifteen points below the Hagvaca average of 100, and this is held to account for the lack of success of blacks. Searching the literature reveals authorities asserting that Ashkenazi Jews have a mean IQ of 115, as far above ordinary or Hagvaca whites as whites are above blacks. Eureka, and all. Equal differences of input produce equal differences of outcome. N’est-ce pas?.

No, it’s is most definitely not so. Two points are sufficient to conclusively demolish this ridiculous and scientifically unfounded claim that everyone from Jordan Peterson to Fred Reed has mindlessly repeated without ever once thinking through its obvious implications.

First, if Ashkenazis have an average IQ of 115, then all other Israeli Jews, who are the majority of the Jewish population there, have an average IQ of 83.7. This is lower than the average IQs of Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan, as well as Nigeria, Uganda, and the Israeli-Arab population. To claim that “Jews are successful because they are super smart” is tantamount to saying that Israelis are retarded. This is not a difficult concept. Even a relative moron with a mere 115 IQ should be able to follow both the math and the logic involved.

Second, the source of the fictitious “115 mean IQ” claim is the 1957 study by Boris Levinson entitled “The Intelligence of Applicants for Admission to Jewish Day Schools” published in Jewish Social Studies,Vol. 19, No. 3/4 (Jul. – Oct., 1957), pp. 129-140. In the study, which reported a 114.88 mean IQ for the 2,083 very young students sampled, the author noted its intrinsic limitations.

“This study is limited to applicants for Day Schools adhering to the principles of the National Commission for Yeshiva Education. This sampling does not claim to represent the entire Jewish school population or even those children attending yeshiva Day Schools with a different educational emphasis.”

However, the author failed to mention that he did not take into account the test results of the other 3,399 students at the 16 schools, thereby raising the obvious possibility that there was an amount of cherry-picking involved. And it may be worth noting that a similar study found a 118 mean IQ for the white Christian students sampled. But is anyone dumb enough to run around insisting that whites are successful due to their 118 mean IQ?