An Evil Impossibility

A Gospel minister points out that “equality” is a rhetorical Enlightenment device that is still being successfully utilized against Christian civilization, to devastating effect:

Equality is an anti-Christian force. It was the rhetoric of the secularists for well over a century because it was useful to batter against the anti-egalitarian strictly hierarchical Christian faith. And it worked. It worked so well many Christians now preach as if equality was their idea.

But now that secularism reigns supreme in our culture egalitarianism is being redefined to suppress any competing philosophies, especially hierarchical religious philosophies. The goal was always the supremacy of the godless morality of the anti-Christ philosophy over Christendom and beyond.

Free speech, free expression, and anti-racism are similar dyscivilizational rhetorical nukes. But once one finally sees through them and recognizes their intrinsic falsity, it’s hard to believe that one could ever have been persuaded to believe in any such shamelessly cynical folly.


Monday Arktoons

HYPERGAMOUSE Episode 94: Levelling Up

THE SIDEWINDERS Episode 5: High Tide

DEUS VULT Episode 15: Give In To Your Fate

EVIL MONKEY MEMES Episode 66: Getting Too Old For This

MY SISTER SUPREMA Episode 32: I’m Not Taking My Eyes Off You

CHUCK DIXON PRESENTS: WAR Episode 74: Marine Raid on Munda

HOW TO SUCCEED LIKE A DARK LORD Episode 22: Davos Goes To A Publisher


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MW Update

MIDNIGHT’S WAR campaign update.

Days Left: 26

% of Goal: 89.5

Backers: 154

It’s taken a little longer than previous campaigns, but we’re almost there. A new stretch goal will be announced tomorrow if the initial target is hit tonight. Bounding Into Comics has a nice article up reporting on the launch of the campaign. If you’re a backer, be sure to leave a comment there!

The series is currently free to read on Arkhaven Comics’ digital platform Arkhaven and currently has over 56 episodes published to date. According to the site’s metrics it’s one of the more popular titles on the site and has over 250,000 views.

The new Kickstarter will collect the first six issues of the series that are currently available to read on However, it also offers collected editions of issues 7-12 as well. These issues continue the story of Dante Fitzalan, Arika su-Fitzalan, Julian Varney, Denisa Denue Remords, and Andre Montbard and “follows the bitter vendetta being fought between two of the rival vampire factions, a vendetta that was, unbeknownst to both factions, caused by a hostile third party.”

Not only that it also offers a collection of a new Chuck Dixon spinoff series, Midnight’s War: Night Streets, which is described as a “police procedural set within the Midnight World that features characters introduced in Midnight’s War as well as entirely new characters.”

On a related note, it is looking increasingly likely that we will be able to do the leather omnibus edition in color. We will run some test bindings in the new year in order to be sure.

UPDATE: Greenlight! We are currently at 102.6% of goal on Day 3. Thanks to all 171 of the backers! The first stretch goal will be announced tomorrow.


A List of Demons

What’s remarkable is how many of the names on this alleged list of visitors to Jeffrey Epstein’s wicked island are exactly those you’d expect to be involved in awful things based on unrelated reports and rumors. So much so, in fact, that it almost makes one suspect it might be fake. There are a few disappointing surprises, but regardless, all of these people should be viewed with extreme skepticism, unless and until proven otherwise.

UPDATE: While some of these people are known to have visited the island, I’m pretty sure it’s a fake. I very much doubt Arsenal’s Spanish manager ever visited there, or even met Epstein.


The Long, Slow Defeat

Germany is actively disproving the neocon axiom that “freedom is always good for the economy”.

One in four German companies is considering moving production to other countries amid the energy crisis, Tanja Gönner, CEO of the Federation of German Industries (BDI), told Die Welt am Sonntag news outlet.

“The high energy prices and the weakening economy are hitting the German economy with full force and are placing a great burden on our companies compared to other international locations. The German business model is under enormous stress…Every fourth German company is thinking about relocating production abroad,” Gönner stated.

Germany’s energy-intensive chemical industry is particularly affected by the crisis, Wolfgang Grosse Entrup, CEO of the German chemical industry association (VCI), told the news outlet.

“The brutal energy prices are knocking us out…Without a functioning price brake, the government is willfully accepting deindustrialization,” he warned, adding that if the chemical industry fails, other industries will follow, which “could be the knockout for Germany as a business location.”

The report says German companies are suffering a variety of problems, including high energy prices, disrupted supply chains, and even the aftershocks from China’s rigid crackdown on the Covid-19 pandemic.

In very-related news, the reason why Russia has been engaging in low-intensity attrition warfare is finally becoming to obvious to ignore, even for the globalist media.

Western weapon stockpiles have become strained after countless arms transfers to Ukraine, making it increasingly difficult for NATO militaries to keep up with politicians’ pledges to continue supporting Kiev with whatever it needs for as long as it takes, the New York Times reported on Saturday.

“Smaller countries have exhausted their potential,” and according to one NATO official, at least 20 of the alliance’s 30 members are “pretty tapped out,” the newspaper wrote. Only “larger allies,” including France, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands, have enough stockpiles to continues or potentially increase their weapon shipments to Ukraine.

Since the start of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine in late February, the US and its Western allies have been providing Kiev with billions of dollars in security assistance, to the tune of nearly $40 billion, now comparable to the entire annual defense budget of France. Moscow has repeatedly warned that the weapon shipments will only prolong the conflict and increase the risk of a direct conflict between Russia and NATO.

As Ukraine continues to call for more weapons, EU stockpiles are running low, with Germany already “reaching its limit” as of early September. Meanwhile, Lithuania, which does not have any more weapons to donate, has urged the allies to give Ukraine “everything we have.”

US President Joe Biden has vowed to keep the arms pipeline open for “as long as it takes,” but even American military stockpiles have taken a toll after repeated shipments to Kiev. As early as March, just weeks after the conflict in Ukraine kicked off, the US Defense Department was already scrambling to replenish thousands of shoulder-fired missiles supplied to Kiev. By August, US stockpiles of 155mm artillery ammunition were “uncomfortably low,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

The US think tank Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) previously pointed out that the American military is “not structured to fight or support an extended conflict,” while the defense industry is “sized for peacetime production rates,” and expanding capabilities would take years.

Putin has stated, from the start, that the objective was to demilitarize his enemies. Now the USA is being defeated and Europe is paying the initial price. It’s not over, but the trend is clear and on the verge of becoming inexorable. The sooner that the neoclown imperialists give up their global ambitions, the better off they will be, but because the seeds of failure are sown in the field of past success, they are very unlikely to assess the situation correctly and make intelligent decisions based on accurate information.


Crucifixion Denial

Elon Musk: Denying a violent event, such as Sandy Hook, the Holocaust, and the September 11th attacks.

Ian Miles Chang: Twitter now has a new policy against Holocaust denial, 9/11 denial, or Sandy Hook denial. Thanks for adding this, @elonmusk

The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ of Nazareth was indubitably a violent historical event. Should not its denial be similarly banned? Does this not mean Twitter has adopted an official Crucifixion Denial policy?


Nightfall, Reconsidered

It never occurred to me that the people who periodically massacred the scientists in Isaac Asimov’s famous short story, “Nightfall”, were actually the good guys.

Researchers at Boston University have created a new strain of Covid-19 that has an 80% kill rate in humanized mice.

Their names should be posted somewhere, publicly and prominently, in the event that their creation ever “escapes the laboratory”. The Mandarins may well have been onto something when they forcibly shut down technological development in China.