Mailvox: the endless greed of the Grasshoppers

 Anyone who simply can’t understand why the younger generations despise the Boomers need only read this email I received recently. Can you honestly read it and say you’re even a little bit surprised to learn how things went south? It sounds as if the grandparents knew how awful their Boomer children were, but failed to […]

SSH goes mainstream

Or perhaps viral would be a more accurate description. Regardless, the SSH has made its initial appearance in the mainstream media. It won’t be the last one.  People are mocking a resurfaced classification of men known as the ‘sigma male’ — a ‘lone wolf’ type that is equal to the alpha in the oppressive male […]

Mailvox: SSH utility

A reader finds the socio-sexual hierarchy to be of use: Thanks for discussing the very real phenomenon of the socio-sexual hierarchy on your blog and Voxiversity. I’d seen it in the wild occasionally but was never been really aware of it until now. Now that I know, I can spot the gamma right off, especially […]

One thousand years of SSH

RealTalk notes that it’s impossible to watch entertainment without seeing some form of the SSH in action: Random SSH esthetics. S2E11 Big Bang Theory. Gamma Leonard hateful/jealous of rival Alpha Underhill physicist. Throws lots of shade. Underhill asks Leonard to work with him. Leonard acts like a school girl who just got asked out. Infatuated […]