Mailvox: SSH in Finland

A Finnish reader observes SSH appearing in the Finnish media:

I must give you an update on the spread of your ideas. The socio-sexual hierarchy has now been referenced as part of the Finnish presidential election where the campaigning is beginning.

The ‘far-right’/True Finns presidential candidate is Jussi Halla-aho, and of course the media is on the offensive against him. Particularly aggressive are the Swedish language newspapers who are the most shitlib in the country. However, as a new development, they now highlight how Halla-aho’s supporters call him a sigma-male, which the paper crudely defines as an ‘introverted alpha-male’.

The paper goes on to vaguely reference a ‘right-wing blog’ as the place where the term originated, but do not mention you directly.

First, if the term is being used correctly and Halla-aho is a genuine Sigma, his leadership is very likely to be effective for the True Finns given the current circumstances, and conceivably could eventually be of great benefit to Finland as well. While Alphas are generally to be preferred as leaders in most situations, Sigmas are much more capable of ignoring the personal temptations of corruption, and they are also less easily influenced or neutralized by the infiltrators and saboteurs who inevitably manage to work their way into the leadership councils as advisors or experts.

Consider the difference in what Xi and Putin have accomplished for their nations compared to what Trump managed to do for Americans. It’s the difference between a Julius Caesar and a Pompeius Magnus; the Sigma will break the unwritten rules and ignore the opinions of his elite peers when necessary, the Alpha will not.

While Alphas are usually much better at – and much more willing to provide – leadership, Sigmas are optimal leaders in emergency situations where their self-certainty, high-handed manner, and lack of interest in the opinions of others are deemed acceptable for the duration of the exigency. This is why the nations of the West that manage to find a sufficiently capable Sigma, and, one way or another, convince him of the necessity of pursuing leadership, are much more likely to survive than the nations that rely upon the leadership of the usual Alphas who crave it.