Science Sans SSH

The scientific evidence for the IQ Communications Gap is very nearly as thin as the scientific evidence for high average Jewish IQ. And, in fact, combining the material evidence concerning the success of the two relevant populations will tend to lead the observer to tangential conclusions which have nothing to do with the linked Sigma Game post, and which I will leave to the SocialGalacticians to elucidate for themselves. And yes, this is precisely the sort of thing I consider to be too obvious to even bother articulating, much less attempting to convince anyone else, let alone argue about.

As for the linked post, I should first mention that Kirkegaard did an excellent job of tracing the scientific history, scanty as it proved to be. However, the point is not whether one can talk to another individual across the IQ Communications Gap, much less whether one can genuinely enjoy their company, but rather if one can expect to be substantially understood on a regular basis. Psychological and personal elements such as enjoyment, satisfaction, social isolation, and loneliness are not really relevant to the topic.

I happen to prefer speaking with cheerful people of below average intelligence than midwits with something to prove or morose high-IQ individuals who live for the chance to provide pedantic criticism. Sure, the conversation will be limited to sports and the activities of mutual acquaintances, and while the latter can be tedious to the point of pain, it’s still vastly preferable to inept interpretations of theology or incorrect “corrections” of evolutionary mathematics.

But your mileage may vary, which is why I don’t regard it as being relevant in a scientific sense.