SJWs are never satisfied

Even if you are not an inveterate SJW-hater, even if you are the cuckiest of moderates, it is absolutely vital to never give an inch to SJWs. The reason is that they will never be satisfied, and every inch they gain only convinces them that they can get more if they press harder.An excerpt from […]

SJWS ALWAYS DOUBLE DOWN now in paperback

STAGE SIX: Expel the Infidels The Node.js community has again turned against itself, this time over a failed vote to oust a controversial member of the project’s technical steering committee (TSC) over alleged code-of-conduct violations…. Vagg, who declined to be interviewed, offended members of the Node community through various online posts. A member of the […]

EXCERPT: SJWs Always Double Down

“What is Social Justice? Social Justice is the equal distribution of resources and opportunities, in which outside factors that categorize people are irrelevant.”—Pachamama Alliance At last, your long ordeal at the hands of the corporate inquisition is finally over. After six months of being interrogated by suspicious HR managers, defending yourself against false accusations, clarifying […]

SJWs Always Double Down

Whether you realize it or not, if you live in the West, you are currently engulfed in a civilization-wide cultural war that is taking place all around you. Maybe you’re aware of it, or maybe you’re not. It doesn’t matter. The cultural war is real and it is vicious. And unlike a traditional shooting war […]

SJWs always project

Shocking racism from the self-confessed rapist. If misgendering a tranny is a crime, how much worse is it to intentionally misrace someone? John Scalzi‏Verified account @scalziNote to the authors who tried to win an award by positing it as a culture war with me on the other side: You sure wasted your time, dudes.3:28 PM […]

Sun Tzu and the SJWs

In the podcast interview last night, I made a comment about how SJWs have been able to apply one element of Sun Tzu’s strategic recommendations to great success throughout the culture. And, when I thought a bit more about it, I realized there is also a second element that their deceitful nature allows them to […]

SJWADD audiobook now at Arkhaven

If you haven’t read SJWS ALWAYS DOUBLE DOWN yet, now is an excellent opportunity to pick up both the audiobook and the ebook in your favored format at the same time. Whether you realize it or not, if you live in the West, you are currently engulfed in a civilization-wide cultural war that is taking […]

Convergence in a nutshell

The NFL is discovering that social justice convergence comes at a price: “If we are disrespecting the flag, then we won’t play. Period.” Those words from Jerry Jones on Oct. 8 were widely taken as a salvo delivered from an owner to all the players using the national anthem as a platform for protest. But […]

Of possible interest

What’s extremely exciting, at least to me, is that someone I very much respect recently informed me that he has picked up both books and intends to read them. I don’t know what he’ll make of them, but I do hope he’ll at least find some of the information in them to be useful. From […]