The Streets of Midnight

SILENZIOSA is not the only Arkhaven comic that is running new episodes this week. Both MIDNIGHT’S WAR: NIGHT STREETS and HYPERGAMOUSE are back in action.

One thing that has changed is that we’re going to make use of more black-and-white due to the fact that we’ve observed color comics double the production costs while seldom increasing the sales at all. And the leather editions will have black-and-white interiors anyhow, so while we definitely prefer the look of color, and while we will continue using color for those comics with the support for it such as ALT-HERO, our new MIDNIGHT’S WAR and BLACK WARRANT comics will be monochrome until further notice.

And while neither Arkhaven nor Arktoons have yet proven to be quite as successful as we anticipated, the infrastructure we’ve built is very sound and you’re going to see a lot more new products being released, both in print and on Arktoons, from GHOST OF THE BADLANDS and SOMETHING BIG to OVERMIND. The fact that we’re not only stable, but growing, when DC, Marvel, and IDW are all teetering on the brink of complete collapse is one positive, another one is the way that even the flagship mainstream comics-related shows are observably taking note of what Arkhaven is doing.

Firecracker, “the leader of the Alt-Supe” movement on THE BOYS, looks pretty familiar, doesn’t she? And that’s her formal costume with the Seven; when she’s first introduced on the show has somehow become an overt apologia for elite Hellmouth pedophilia, she’s wearing cutoff jeans just like a certain Alabama cheerleader who also has a Southern acccent.

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