Sometimes Tropes are True

SHOT: “Any suggestion that other considerations were involved in the decision-making process is completely false, and the insinuation that Jewish donors secretly plotted to influence government operations is an all too familiar antisemitic trope that the Washington Post should be ashamed to ask about, let alone normalize in print… saying Jews ‘wielded their money & power in an effort to shape American views’ is offensive on so many levels.”

CHASER: Two Republican congressmen have introduced legislation that would provide the same employment and economic protections to Americans serving in the Israeli military as US citizens who get deployed to serve in the US military. Around 23,380 American citizens are currently serving in the Israeli army, according to a February report by The Washington Post.

To the contrary, any U.S. citizen who serves in the armed forces of any foreign nation, including Israel, should have his U.S. citizenship automatically revoked, be permanently expelled from the United States, and face criminal charges of treason if he enters U.S. territory in the future.

This is precisely why dual-citizenship needs to be made illegal again, as it was for most of U.S. history. No wonder the Clown World edition of the USA is a powder keg just waiting for a series of events to set it off. No nation that has been invaded and occupied to such a comprehensive extent has ever survived intact.