Mailvox: Sinovac vs mRNA

A twice-vaxxed Sinovac reader shares some thoughts on the last three years:

I got two shots of the Sinovac, the Chinese attenuated vaccine, because I needed to travel during the pandemic for work and to be with family. This was not a matter of choice though they’ll argue it was when the lawsuits start flying. Weirdly I’ve never once had Covid, and boy was I exposed. Airports, soccer matches, concerts, all sorts of licit and illicit gatherings. My logic was if I was going to get any vax, it would be best to get one that a) wasn’t experimental and b) was made by the same people who made the virus.

Talking to medics in Britain and around Europe, I’ve become aware that even though the Russian and Chinese vaccines were never formally made available to the people, who got no choice but MRNA despite literally hundreds of thousands of requests to the NHS alone, plenty of medics who have their own international supply chains did the same thing. They got the Sinovac when they didn’t just fill in the form and jack up the saline.

I would love to know if there is any research into the long-term effects, not solely out of selfish reasons, but primarily because this poses a really interesting analysis. We already are seeing that MRNA-vaxxed people are dying of suddenly at alarming rates, which simply isn’t happening in the unvaxxed cohort. But what about the data from China, Russia or other places that only got the attenuated non-MRNA vaccines?

If those people aren’t also dying of suddenly, then it seems to me that it’s the MRNA technology, what it contained, and how it functions in the body, that is the causative effect of Suddenly. But if it turned out that there’s a lot of Suddenly going on among the Russians and Chinese too, then something more interesting is occurring, more likely related to the interaction between the manufactured virus and any attempt to vaxx.

My money’s on the former incidentally. And that would be sufficient information to ban MRNA tech, in my opinion.

We know the Johnson & Johnson non-mRNA vaccine is causing elevated mortality risks, but the reader is correct in pointing out that there is no observable evidence that either the Sinovac or Sputnik vaccines are doing the same. Regardless of whether they are or not, it’s quite clear that mRNA technology should be immediately banned and any attempts to utilize it should be criminalized, given the way in which relatively young mRNA-vaxxed celebrities, media figures, and athletes are now collapsing and dying literally every single day now.

I will offer one correction, however. The Covid-19 bioweapon was released in China, apparently on Oct. 18, 2019 at the CISM Military World Games in Wuhan, but it was developed by Clown World scientists working in the USA.

In related news, those who resisted are having their resistance retroactively justified by the legal system. Never submit to unlawful threats from the authorities.

The co-owner of Atilis Gym in Bellmawr, New Jersey, who fiercely defied tyrannical lockdowns in 2020, has won a monumental victory after a court dismissed all 80 charges against him. Ian Smith famously reopened his gym in the middle of lockdown, defying Democrat Governor Phil Murphy’s draconian COVID-19 lockdown orders. The confrontation escalated in July 2020 when police officers forcefully arrested Smith after he continually violated the State’s shutdown orders.

It seems like an appropriate moment to drop this flashback from the recent past.