Anti-Christian and Anti-American

The corrupt creatures in Congress are making your choice very clear and unmistakable. Jesus Christ and the First Amendment or Holocaustianity and Hate Speech Laws.

The United States House of Representatives has passed H.R. 6090, a bill that criminalizes basic Biblical Truth. This alarming legislation seeks to weaponize the Civil Rights Act for the enforcement of federal anti-discrimination laws, thus having a chilling effect on the free speech of Christians across the nation.

The bill adopts the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition of “antisemitism” which includes the basic Biblical Truth that the Jews killed Jesus Christ as “classic antisemitism.” The bill has raised serious concerns among Christians who believe that their First Amendment rights are being threatened. For example H.R. 6090 could potentially make it a crime for pastors to preach sermons that adhere to Biblical passages, of which there are many, which explicitly state that the Jews killed Jesus.

As a result, churches may become targets for Civil Rights Act discrimination lawsuits, leading to a wave of anti-Christian sentiment and the stifling of religious expression. This legislation follows just a few weeks after we learned, during Holy Week of all times, that saying “Christ is King” is “antisemitic” from many of the gatekeeping establishment voices on the right. It also follows a slew of similar “hate speech” legislation at the state level that is being passed by Republican governors in red states, including Ron DeSantis who flew to Israel to sign his….

Unfortunately, many pastors have chosen to ignore the implications of bills like H.R. 6090, allowing the bill to pass without raising their voices in opposition. This silence is not only a disservice to their congregations and the Church itself, but also a missed opportunity to defend the Biblical truths that have guided Christians for centuries. Even worse are the pastors who are supporting legislation like this because of their twisted and heretical theology that makes an idol out of the modern antichrist nation state of Israel and the antichrist Jews.

The Devil certainly knows his own. Those who choose to believe the lies will suffer the consequences, even as they stupidly and smugly believe that they are being blessed for “blessing Israel” by participating in the attempted murder of America/Amalek. You would think that when resisting satanry is criminalized and denounced as “anti-semitic”, they would be able to put two and two together to make four.

I say “attempted murder” because I am entirely certain that they will fail. They always do. And they always will.