Forget the Autism

There is substantial statistical evidence suggesting – suggesting, mind you, not proving – that sufficient vaccines can make you trans and gay:

Here are the odds ratio between the fully vaccinated/fully unvaccinated. Odds ratios >2 are traditionally associated with causality:

Sexual orientation: 4.78

Gender identity: 4.81

Gender dysphoria: 5.54

These effects are huge and consistent.

Also, the odds ratios for partially vaccinated are in line with the fully vaccinated: in general, the greater the number of vaccines someone has, the more likely they are to have a trait that differs from traditional norms. So the vaccines themselves are the elephant in the room here and the driver of the response, not environment, upbringing, social pressure, etc.

Now, I already lean pretty heavily anti-vax, which is why refusing the Covid not-vaxx didn’t even rise to the level of having to think about it for one second. But these results should make even the most mindless pro-vax parent think twice about signing up little Bobby or Jenny for the endless series of foreign substances presently being pushed on the parents of young children. Especially in the aftermath of the global vaxx debacle.

At the very least, more genuine scientific research is required, and no amount of fake ethical special pleading about how it is immoral to have an unvaccinated control group will suffice to avoid it.

UPDATE: Additional information on the subject from a doctor who is very concerned about the adverse effects of standard childhood vaccines.

A curious embargo exists on testing vaccines for safety. As a result, the basic trials we would expect to have been done to assess whether the CDC’s vaccine schedule is safe have never been publicly conducted. Moreover, no independent researcher has ever been given access to the large databases that could easily demonstrate if vaccines were indeed “safe” or “effective.”