We are the Literal Resistance

Most of us are considerably further toward whatever one wants to call the anti-Clown World position than in years and decades past. Call it Christian Nationalism, call it America First, call it what you will, we are more staunchly and strongly what we are than we were before. We have been intellectually, philosophically, and spiritually inoculated against the spirit of global satanry that cloaks itself in neo-liberal secularist ideology. But the same is not true of the greater part of the developing and undeveloped world:

What’s happening globally is quite simple—peoples whose culture and folkways have never had so much as a whiff of materialism, individualism, and liberty are coming in contact with 100% proof, high-test, late-stage liberalism, and they are getting piledriven by it like a welterweight Funko Pop collector by Dan Severn in his prime. Not only is it not a fair fight, it’s grotesque and cruel, like kicking a puppy. These people are defenseless. Liberalism seems to have especially buck-broken societies with universalist religions, even tribal societies like Afghanistan, which 20 years ago averaged 7.5 children per woman but which would hit zero births within about two centuries at the current rate of decline. Some religions like Hinduism, particularly those denominations which are more traditionalist and clannish, have fared better, despite that Indian TFR has been suppressed by government campaigns since the 1970s, and despite that 37% of Indian women of childbearing age are sterilized.

Whites, specifically northwestern Europeans, have also fared better. America, despite the cratering fertility of its minorities, would achieve zero births in about 300 years given current trends, mostly on the strength of its white population’s relatively stable TFR, centuries after many third world countries would reach zero births. However, whites have fared better for very different reasons than Hindus.

Like Mithridates himself, we have been exposed to the poison of liberalism for a long time, and have built up a tolerance to it. We, particularly Germanic and Celtic descended Europeans, have undergone a ruthless selection process. For decades, even centuries now, we have been under extreme Darwinian conditions that have excluded from the breeding pool those individuals who engage in race-mixing, homosexuality, careerism, materialism, and sense-gratification. Whites today have passed through a crucible that is still going, in fact, reaching a fever pitch—this is part of why you have seen the rise of a genuine illiberal movement in the alt right. And our descendants will be fitter and less liberal still than us. Our ethnic competitors are going up in a puff of smoke.

We are strong. Our children are stronger still. Our grandchildren will be crusaders and inquisitors, whose ruthlessness in service to God and Jesus Christ will be the stuff of myths and legends for centuries to come.

Be the rock on which Clown World breaks. Because one day, the avalanche of justice will bury it beneath a mountain.