Ejected by the Beast

You can declare yourself to be a Yellow-Winged Dragonkin. You can threaten your fellow employees with violence and blackballing. You can be incapable of distinguishing between the mythical Hydra and the legendary Medusa. You can be confused about your sex. You can invert your sexual orientation. You can contribute absolutely nothing to the corporate bottom line. You can work for years on a project that will never, ever have any hope of eventually reaching the market and keep your job at Google.

But there is one line no Googler can cross and hope to remain employed.

On Wednesday, the Alphabet subsidiary rushed to fire 28 employees who were part of Tuesday sit-in protests against the company’s provision of artificial intelligence and cloud services to the State of Israel. The protests were organized by a group called No Tech for Apartheid, which had declared Tuesday a “day of action” at Google. At issue: Google’s Project Nimbus — a $1.2 billion cloud and AI contract with Israel — and the Israeli Defense Forces’ use of Google Photos in Gaza, “which has led to the arrest, imprisonment, and torture of thousands of Palestinians with little to no evidence,” the group said. “It’s clear that the Israeli military will use any technology available to them for genocidal means.”

It’s always useful to understand Clown World’s priorities. Convergence is just another word for clownocracy.