Terminal Stage

The Ukrainian opposition is speaking out against what the foreign Clown World regime has done to its people ever since it gained independence:

One of the most important reasons why states collapse is the degradation of their elites. Historians argue that the Roman Empire fell not so much from the onslaught of barbarians, but rather that it rotted away from the inside. If we take our own history, roughly the same thing happened with ancient Kiev. For centuries, Kiev was the capital of the Russian early feudal state, but lost its significance as a result of civil strife caused by the princely elite.

Political clown President Zelensky has irreparably damaged the foundations of Ukraine’s statehood and may very well end up being the country’s last president. Every Ukrainian president, having received power from the hands of the people, tried to sell it, and each time was more and more successful. At the moment, Ukraine has already been sold in a global political auction, and when it is finally used up, will be thrown into a landfill.

Does this suggest that the people of Ukraine are flawed? No, it suggests that a flawed elite has formed which cannot and does not want to govern the people.

Today, Western propagandists work to convince Ukrainians that they will not succeed without their own statehood, but in reality this statehood was sold to international corporations a long time ago. In its present form, such statehood does not correspond to the national interests of Ukrainians. Today, Ukraine’s elite has not only sold the interests of the country, but sold its people into becoming cannon fodder for other, more powerful countries’ geopolitical ambitions.

The process of the country’s collapse has already begun, and is at the terminal stage.

The same thing has happened to Americans too, but most of them don’t realize it yet. The main reason no foreign elite should ever be permitted anywhere near the center of national power and influence, regardless of the system of government, is because they will inevitably utilize it against the interests of the the nation itself.

This is why we see the same process playing out again and again regardless of whether the national government is organized in the form of a monarchy, an aristocracy, or a democracy. The nominal form of the governmental structure doesn’t actually matter very much when the interests of the elite are fundamentally at odds with the interests of the people.