No, God is Not Going to Bless You

The last fifty years have definitely proven the Boomer theologians were conclusively wrong:

And while religious Judaism has a decidedly negative view towards all non-Jews, Christianity in particular is regarded as a total abomination, which must be wiped from the face of the earth.

Whereas pious Muslims consider Jesus as the holy prophet of God and Muhammed’s immediate predecessor, according to the Jewish Talmud, Jesus is perhaps the vilest being who ever lived, condemned to spend eternity in the bottommost pit of Hell, immersed in a boiling vat of excrement. Religious Jews regard the Muslim Quran as just another book, though a totally mistaken one, but the Christian Bible represents purest evil, and if circumstances permit, burning Bibles is a very praiseworthy act. Pious Jews are also enjoined to always spit three times at any cross or church they encounter, and direct a curse at all Christian cemeteries. Indeed, many deeply religious Jews utter a prayer each and every day for the immediate extermination of all Christians.

Over the years prominent Israeli rabbis have sometimes publicly debated whether Jewish power has now become sufficiently great that all the Christian churches of Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and other nearby areas can finally be destroyed, and the entire Holy Land completely cleansed of all traces of its Christian contamination. Some have taken this position, but most have urged prudence, arguing that Jews needed to gain some additional strength before they should take such a risky step. These days, many tens of millions of zealous Christians and especially Christian Zionists are enthusiastic advocates for Jews, Judaism, and Israel, and I strongly suspect that at least some of that enthusiasm is based upon ignorance.

It’s really remarkable how the misapplication of a single verse can be twisted, contorted, and ultimately inverted to successfully deceive Christians. I can remember, back in the early 80s, one Boomer woman telling her fellow Boomers that she didn’t know exactly when the world was going to end, but she knew it was going to be in her lifetime.

As it turns out, she was wrong, just like every previous generation of Christians who couldn’t imagine the world continuing without them.

It’s always fascinating to see how these verses are inverted to produce conclusions that are obviously and observably wicked. From the Galatians verse that can be more readily used to justify transgenderism than anti-racism and immigration to the various promises of blessings that have literally zero application to any modern political entity in the Middle East, Christians have been deceived by inversions and thereby found themselves endorsing pure and unmitigated evil.

The invasion and occupation of Gaza was not a response to the October 7th attacks. The destruction of the Christian churches and hospitals taking place there is not collateral damage. To the contrary, the green flag was planned and permitted by the Netanyahu administration – which funded Hamas to the tune of billions for over a decade – in order to provide an excuse to destroy the last remnants of Christianity in the Holy Lands.

The pagan religion practiced by those who would be more accurately named Canaanites is not at all what most modern Christians think it is. It never was, and it appears to be an aspect of the very Great Deceit that is described in the Bible as being capable of deceiving believers. And it is even darker and more destructive than most of its own adherents imagine; they endorse its Luciferian and Ahrimanic elements without understand that the Sorathic aspect of the Unholy Trinity is the dominant one that guides its ultimate end game.

For some reason, the servants of the Black Rider never believe he will reject them and throw them from his high horse… even though he always does. I have never been able to understand that phenomenon.

In any event, while I am no theologian, nor is Tucker Carlson, but I think he is correct. If you think God is going to bless you for standing with those who are murdering women and children, and for blessing the destruction of beautiful places of worship that have been dedicated to His Son for centuries, either you worship a very different god or you are flat-out wrong. For where there is inversion, there is deceit, falsehood, and wickedness.

The last twenty years have seen the veil pulled back from many Enlightenment lies. Now we are beginning to see the true face of the false theology of American Churchianity. And it is a very ugly one indeed.

Given the growing divide between secular Israelis and the pagan Canaanites, and the way that the political compromise between the two represented by Netanyahu appears to be turning the entire world against the state of Israel, it would not be surprising if the heightened tensions that are currently threatening to break up the polities of the EU and the USA in the next decade also play out in a similar fashion in Israel.