Order ab Chao

All of the economic crises since 1989, and the economic crises to come, are quite literally created in order to weaken the natural resistance to the structural globalization sought by Clown World. This is why we keep hearing about how defeat in Ukraine means not only defeat, but the end of the neoliberal world order.


The Fed, the European Central Bank, and the Bank of Japan together set monetary policy for a zone that accounts for 80 percent of the world’s industrialized economic activity. Rarely, if ever, can so much power have been wielded by such a small number of institutions sitting outside the democratic process.

Until 1997, the macro-economic performance of Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan was widely praised by commentators, academics, and policymakers alike… It is therefore relevant to find out whether the Asian crisis was really the result of the Asian system. A thorough study of its causes reveals that, quite to the contrary, it was the policies “recommended” by the U.S. Treasury, the IMF, and the local Asian central banks that resulted in the Asian crisis. While the Asian central banks previously had had no legal independence and few legal powers, after the Asian crisis almost all of them had become independent and unaccountable for their actions.

Climate change and the next economic crisis, which is now teed up nicely by the post-2008 expansion of unproductive credit, are supposed to justify the emergency measures that Clown World is advertising as its Great Reset. The Great Reset is nothing less than the plan to expand what was successfully accomplished in Europe, Japan, and the Four Tigers of Asia to the entire world.

That plan is what Russia and China are resisting so staunchly and so successfully. And that is also why the clowns are panicking as the defeat of Ukraine becomes increasingly undeniable, because their entire system depends upon everyone accepting economic assertions that are obviously and entirely false as well as inevitabilities of progress that are actually nothing more than blatant and baseless lies.

Both the Chinese and the Russian leadership have seen through the lies and rejected the corruption. It’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world does as well. Robert Anton Wilson, among others, warned us of this, but we were too caught up in the false intellectual divide of left vs right and liberal vs conservative to grasp the full extent of the implications.