Good News and Bad News

The good news: Princess Kate isn’t dead.

The bad news: She didn’t get the saline.

The Princess of Wales has announced tonight that she has been diagnosed with cancer aged 42 and is undergoing ‘preventative’ chemotherapy. In a deeply emotional video message, filmed at Windsor on Wednesday, Catherine revealed the news had come as a ‘huge shock’ and that she and William ‘have been doing everything we can to process and manage this privately for the sake of our young family’.

Catherine’s cancer was discovered only after she underwent major abdominal surgery at The London Clinic in January. Kensington Palace has said it will not be sharing details of what kind of cancer the princess has, or what stage of cancer it is and has asked people not to speculate.

It is understood that the King – who is also currently undergoing cancer treatment himself – and the Queen have both been informed of the news.

It’s really astonishing that even at this point, most people are still in denial over the obvious adverse effects of the vaxx. Then again, most Americans still genuinely believe that 81 million people voted for Joe Biden too.

MPAI has consequences.

The weaponized autists at /pol/ are not at all convinced that the video is legitimate.

  • Kate’s vid doesn’t look right. If you look at the two areas circled in red you can see strange movement in isolated areas in the background next to Kate.
  • Something about it looks totally AI. The bench doesn’t look right. In the background, from the start to the finish, apart from the anomalies, there is not movement. They look to be daffodils in the background, and yet they are fixed immobile. Perhaps there was not wind at all. Sometimes flies flit across the frame which looks real, and the light changes of the couple of minutes.
  • About 1.20 in, it’s especially noticeable to the right of Kate’s head. The background blurs around as she moves. It’s a lot like the effect in Zoom or whatever when you put up a fake background so you don’t have to show your untidy basement.
  • And the bird sounds in the back, loop over and over. Green screen, fake sound effects.
  • AI Voice at 1:40
  • Background doesn’t move. Turn up the volume and listen closely to the sounds in the background as well. Sounds like a fake countryside kind of soundtrack. Her left eyebrow is off.
  • It is a fake country soundtrack, it’s a green screen production. Even the flies are fake, notice that not one of them lands on her or the bench?
  • There’s weird aliasing going around all over her head, most visible on the edges of her chin and cheeks.
  • I think there is a high chance it’s a deep fake with her voice and face being faked onto another person sitting still on a bench in front of a greenscreen to get the optimal results, hence why her body movement is so stiff and you only have these minimal hand gestures while her entire upper body stays still. This will be confirmed if she doesnt make a public appearence soon or they announce her sudden demise to this so-called cancer. At 1:40 you can hear an audio distortion with what sounds like the original voice of the stand in coming through a bit while being distorted by the voice change “AI” program.
  • It was this 19 year old Kate lookalike.
  • Why does the shadow on the bench have stripes?
  • The shadow on the bench around 1:20 looks like the stripes are extended onto the the bench. This is really fucked up.
  • Two seconds of watching and I can see it’s at minimum greenscreen but more likely generated.

My immediate reaction was that it isn’t real. I haven’t analyzed it in any detail myself, since I don’t really care in the slightest about a German monarchy that hasn’t lifted a finger to defend England from invasion since 1948, but I do have a moderately-trained eye from my experience as a game developer overseeing a team of artists, and it looked like a well-done deep fake to me. The face, in particular, looks off. And the computer image analysis tends to confirm this conclusion:

UPDATE: The Daily Mail wants to know: Will Kate conspiracy theorists now eat their words?

In the immortal words of Bugs Bunny, nyoooooo.