Terror Attack Near Moscow

It appears the recent Ukrainian attacks on the border near Belgerod were conducted in order to permit the infiltration of NATO special forces targeting Russian civilians:

The deadly attack on a large mall outside Moscow on Friday night was an act of terrorism, Russia’s Investigative Committee has said.

According to videos posted to social media, a group of heavily armed gunmen broke into the popular Crocus City Hall on Friday night and began indiscriminately shooting visitors. They then reportedly set the building on fire. At least 40 people have been killed and more than 100 injured, Russia’s Federal Security Service said in its preliminary assessment.

It is unclear if the terrorists are still in the building. The evacuation of visitors and attempts to put out the blaze are underway. The mall is located in the city of Krasnogorsk, just northwest of Moscow.

I don’t know if Clown World will try to blame it on the Palestinian Liberation Organization, the Irish Republican Army, or rogue Ukrainian commandos, but everyone knows it’s NATO. What they’re expecting to accomplish, I have no idea, but no amount of special forces operations are going to save the Kiev regime.

The US and UK embassies warned two weeks ago about such an attack by ‘extremists’ at a crowded venue.

However could they have known? From whence did these “extremists” come? They might as well have simply announced that it was a joint CIA-MI6 operation.

UPDATE: The Russians knew this sort of attack was a US objective nearly a year ago:

The Russian Foreign Intelligence Service chief on Wednesday accused the US of training Daesh/ISIS terrorists to carry out sabotage and terrorist attacks in Syria and Russia. Sergey Naryshkin claimed at the XI International Meeting of High Representatives in Charge of Security Issues in the Moscow region that the US Al-Tanf military base, located on the border of Syria, Jordan, and Iraq, is used for training Daesh/ISIS terrorists to carry out sabotage and terrorist attacks in Syria and Russia.