We’re Dangerous and We’re Spreading

The Economist senses the ongoing decline of Clown World and is terrified of the consequences of its inevitable collapse:

IN THE 1980s Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher built a new conservatism around markets and freedom. Today Donald Trump, Viktor Orban and a motley crew of Western politicians have demolished that orthodoxy, constructing in its place a statist, “anti-woke” conservatism that puts national sovereignty before the individual. These national conservatives are increasingly part of a global movement with its own networks of thinkers and leaders bound by a common ideology. They sense that they own conservatism now—and they may be right.

Despite its name, national conservatism could not be more different from the ideas of Reagan and Thatcher. Rather than being sceptical of big government, national conservatives think ordinary people are beset by impersonal global forces and that the state is their saviour. Unlike Reagan and Thatcher, they hate pooling sovereignty in multilateral organisations, they suspect free markets of being rigged by the elites and they are hostile to migration. They despise pluralism, especially the multicultural sort. National conservatives are obsessed with dismantling institutions they think are tainted by wokeness and globalism.

Instead of a sunny belief in progress, national conservatives are seized by declinism. William Buckley, a thinker of the old school, once quipped that “A conservative is someone who stands athwart history, yelling stop.” By comparison, national conservatives are revolutionaries. They do not see the West as the shining city on the hill, but as Rome before the fall—decadent, depraved and about to collapse amid a barbarian invasion. Not content with resisting progress, they also want to destroy classical liberalism.

Some people expect all this to blow over. National conservatives are too incoherent to pose a threat, they say. Giorgia Meloni, Italy’s prime minister, supports Ukraine; Mr Orban has a soft spot for Russia. The Polish Law and Justice party (PiS) is anti-gay; in France Marine Le Pen is permissive. Besides, the obsession with national sovereignty would make people worse off, as trade collapses, economic growth stalls and civil rights are curtailed. Voters would surely choose to restore the world liberalism made.

That view is unforgivably complacent. National conservatism is the politics of grievance: if policies lead to bad outcomes, its leaders will shift the blame onto globalists and immigrants and claim this only proves how much is wrong with the world. For all their contradictions, national conservatives have been able to unite around their hostility towards common enemies, including migrants (especially Muslims), globalists and all their supposed abettors.

The growing peril of national conservatism, THE ECONOMIST, 15 February 2024

Let Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher burn in Hell, along with all the other conservatives who signed off, however reluctantly, on the surrender of the white Christian West to a satanic, pedophile, globalist elite that wanted to impose The Empire That Never Ended on a world that was intoxicated with what it erroneously believed was the triumph of human liberty and the so-called End of History.

There is no “national conservativism” because we’re not fucking conservatives. We want Clown World and all its cursed clowns back in Hell where they belong. We’re nationalists, period. Let Russians rule Russia. Let Americans rule America. Let the Germans rule Germany. Let the Chinese rule China. And let everyone stay in their own nations, and live according to their cultures and traditions instead of trying to impose their ways on everyone else around the world.

The neoliberals know they’re wrong. They absolutely know it, they just can’t bring themselves to completely abandon their false ideals, fake principles, and their elite positions that their satanic masters have granted them.

The citizens of many Western countries see illegal migration as a source of disorder and a drain on the public purse. They worry that their children will grow up to be poorer than they are. They are anxious about losing their jobs to new technology. They believe that institutions such as universities and the press have been captured by hostile, illiberal, left-leaning elites. They see the globalists who have thrived in recent decades as members of a self-serving, arrogant caste who like to believe that they rose to the top in a meritocracy when, in reality, their success was inherited. These complaints have their merits, and sneering at them only confirms how out of touch elites have become.

The world liberalism made is a stinking, dsyfunctional hellhole where nothing works anymore and an evil imperial elites live off the credit-blood of the nations. Let liberalism, neoliberalism, conservatism, and neoconservatism die, as they deserve, because all of them were based on lies from the very start. And only retards and the thrice-boosted still believe those lies, including “immigration is good for the economy.”

“If Congress passes a new bill restricting the admission of new migrants at the border, do you think this would be good or bad for the United States?” Sixty-nine percent of the Americans responded that it would be “good,” while only 14 percent predicted “bad.”

They can call us Alt-Right, or Nationalist Right, or Christian Nationalists, or whatever label they deem sufficiently scary for the purposes of their rhetoric. But no matter what they call us, we are The Inevitable.

Because, as the great historian Sir Charles Oman noted, the great lesson of history is that the world-mind works by action and reaction, and a swing of the pendulum in one direction will ultimately be followed by a swing in the other.

The satanic globalists have had it all their way for at least the last 79 years. They promised Heaven and they delivered Hell on Earth. But the pendulum is already swinging back, and it is going to swing back hard with a holy vengeance.

“Change is coming that hasn’t happened in 100 years.”
–Xi Xinping

The Inevitable Descent of Clown World