A Tale of Two “Nationalisms”

I posted the following on Gab:

It’s really rather remarkable that self-styled “pagans” are still attempting to attribute to Christianity what are the obvious and inevitable consequences of Western post-Christianity. The mass invasions and moral inversions of the last 70 years are quite literally anti-Christian in every sense, even when they are still cloaked in Churchian-sounding nonsense. Christendom has a long and successful historical record, whereas neither the post-Christian European societies nor the post-Christian USA will last much longer. Russia is on the rise due to its Orthodox Christian revival. Therein lies the only viable solution. Nationalism is good. Christian Nationalism is better.

JungleEaglesNest1488 @voxday white nationalism the best

@JungleEaglesNest1488 No, you retard. There is no such thing as “white nationalism”. Nation is a subset of race. White nationalism is an ignorant concept invented by US mongrels to make up for the fact that they don’t have an actual nation. Swedes are not Scots. Color nationalism has failed everywhere it has been tried, beginning with the red nationalism of the 1800s.

Please do at least a modicum of research into the historical attempts over the last 200 years to create a) red nationalism, b) yellow nationalism, c) black nationalism, and d) Arab nationalism before you waste any more time advocating a retarded ideology that is absolutely doomed to total failure. One cannot build a subset on the basis of a set. This really isn’t that hard to understand.

Der Weisskunig @voxday @JungleEaglesNest1488 You admit to a Nation being a subset of a race, so how can Christian Nationalism be a thing then? Racial Nationalism makes more sense than Religious Nationalism even when if we use your logic.

@DerWeisskunig @JungleEaglesNest1488 Because you don’t understand what “Christian Nationalism” is and is not. Christian Nationalism is not “a nation of Christians” in the civic national sense. It is not a nation that is comprised of Christians of different races and tribes. It is instead an existing nation, such as the English, or the Scots, or the Swedes, who have ordered their society on a Christian basis.

The Bible makes it clear that “nations” are coherent entities which are judged on the collective basis of their nationals’ behavior. Ergo, a nation can either reject or embrace Jesus Christ as an integral aspect of its social order.

Russia is presently the best example of a Christian Nationalist nation, even though its imperialist history renders it both imperfectly Christian and imperfectly nationalist.