Libertarians and Clown World

Argentina fails to reach escape velocity thanks to its new, self-styled-libertarian president:

Argentina has formally rejected an invitation to become a member of the BRICS group of nations, several news media outlets reported on Friday, citing an official letter they have seen which has been sent to the leaders of Russia, China, India, Brazil and South Africa. While President Javier Milei had previously voiced his opposition to joining the alliance before being elected, the move represents a complete U-turn from the policy of his predecessor, Alberto Fernandez.

Fernandez had accepted the invitation to join the five-nation group in August, holding that such a move would offer the Latin American nation a “new scenario” for its development. Milei, who won the presidency in November, said at that time that he would not “push for deals with communists because they don’t respect the basic parameters of free trade, freedom, and democracy.”

The South American nation is currently struggling with its worst economic crisis in decades. Inflation has surged 160% over the past year alone. The severely devalued peso forced the country to refinance its $44-billion debt to the IMF. Milei’s government is also facing massive

The last paragraph is the dead giveaway. When they say “free trade, freedom, and democracy” what they really mean is “debt, debt, and more debt”. Because the only real “freedom” provided by Clown World is the freedom to borrow as much money as one’s potential creditors will allow.

This is a hard thing for most libertarians to accept. But there is no tenet of libertarianism that isn’t generally in line with Clown World’s professed ideals, beginning with free trade and the free movement of peoples. It’s as hopelessly utopian and untenable as communism in the end.