The Disney Insurrection

What the Devil Mouse is now confirmed to have done was more illegal, more subversive, and a more substantial insurrection against the lawful government than anything the January 6th protesters are even accused of having done:

For decades, Disney had effectively seemingly controlled the board designed to oversee its own properties. Until DeSantis stepped in recently and put a stop to it. Now a new report from the replacement board has shown just how corrupt Disney’s arrangement was. And how both entities took advantage of taxpayers to foot the bill for their cozy relationship.

The report found that Disney had promised to build services including hospitals, schools and libraries as part of their obligations under their special governing arrangement. Sure enough, they built none of it. It also described what Disney had achieved as essentially an “absolute monarchy” over the Florida property.

“Disney had wholly outmaneuvered the legislature and pulled off an incredible act,” the report reads. “It had established an extra-constitutional governing authority – ‘an experimental absolute monarchy’ – within the borders of the State of Florida, and, accordingly, the United States – one that strikingly resembled, without exaggeration, a kingdom of yore.”


The Dark Herald, who has been covering this story for months on the Arkhaven blog, has more specific details, as is his wont.

For decades Reedy Creeky employees were treated as if they were Disney World cast members. The annual passes that are a standard benefit to Disney employees, were given to Reedy Creek employees and they were told it was a “gift from the Walt Disney Company.”

What Reedy Creek was actually doing was buying the passes with the tax money that had been collected from the Walt Disney Company. They were giving Disney’s tax money back to the company. Then they lied to their employees about the gift part. None of this was reported to the IRS.

A bigger problem is the 50% discount on Disney cruise lines. There is no getting around the fact that Reedy Creek and Disney broke Florida’s public disclosure laws. These benefits were never reported as taxable benefits, which they are.

Because of these things, these government employees felt their job was to prioritize the needs of The Walt Disney Company.

This is the tip of the iceberg stuff. There is a lot more in this report.

The Reedy Creek Audit, Dark Herald, 5 December 2023

The extent and the extended time frame of this crimes are such that it would be perfectly justified if the Disney corporation had its business charter pulled by the State of Florida, the Reedy Creek land was seized by the state, and its various operations were sold off to the highest bidder.

Due to the size and political influence of the Devil Mouse, that almost certainly won’t happen. But it is a good sign that the massive corruption of at least one giant of the corpocracy is being exposed to the public.