Junior Classics 7 and 8

As those who have subscribed to the Castalia monthly newsletter already know, Volumes VII and VIII of the Castalia Junior Classics are now a) being printed for shipment to backers this month and b) available for order from Arkhaven at a discount with free shipping and a free ebook edition included for those in the USA and the UK. The books will be available worldwide via Amazon and other booksellers next week.

Volume VII: The Animal Book, contains illustrated stories by Beatrix Potter, Anne Sewell, Rudyard Kipling, and John C. Wright, as well as dozens of classic short stories about animals ranging from black bears and catamounts to woodchucks and sea otters. It will be a particular favorite of younger readers, due to its incredible collection of classic illustrations. Hardcover+ edition. 438 pages.

Volume VIII: Heroes of History, includes stories about great historical figures such as Leonidas, Julius Caesar, Joan of Arc, Horatio Nelson, Daniel Boone, and Andrew Jackson, as well as stories about lesser-known individuals whose courage and achievements will fascinate children. Hardcover+ edition. 434 pages.

For those who did not back the Castalia Junior Classics or have not yet begun collecting what will eventually be a 10-volume set, we have made a partial set of volumes 1 through 8 available to order exclusively from the Arkhaven store. All eight volumes are hardcover+ editions, which means the ebook editions are also included with the purchase. All of the covers and spines feature the original artwork of Arkhaven’s Lacey Fairchild.

The Junior Classics are, hands-down, one of the greatest educational tools you can provide your children, whether you homeschool them or not. A significant portion of my own childhood education was provided by the 1958 edition, and I can testify, without any shadow of a doubt, that the Castalia Junior Classics is the best, most attractive, and most comprehensive edition of the Junior Classics produced since the original set was published in 1919.

If you are a Junior Classics backer whose mailing address has changed since the campaign four years ago, please email castaliashipping_AT_gmail_DOT_com with your backer ID and your new address.