Service Outage

The servers that presently maintain SG and this blog unexpectedly went down for about 12 hours beginning last night. Although we have acquired backup servers for the purposes of decentralization and begun the process of setting them up, they aren’t fully in place yet, which is why IG, Arkhaven Comics, Castalia, and Arktoons didn’t go down, while UATV did.

In the future, if there is an outage here or on SG, I suggest going to Gab and following my account there, since it has absolutely no connection to our infrastructure and therefore is only likely to be affected at the same time by a global Internet outage.

For additional information conduits, consider following the UATV account on Gab and the Darkstream notifications on Telegram. And, in the event of serious problems, we will utilize the Castalia mailing list to keep everyone informed of what’s happening.