Clown World Backs Down

There will be no Third Front in Africa, at least, not for the time being:

The West African regional bloc ECOWAS, which had threatened to use force against Niger in response to a recent coup, is now quietly demobilizing the standby forces that had been positioned for a proposed military intervention, according to French news outlet RFI.

A meeting of ECOWAS military commanders was scheduled to be held in Nigeria’s Sokoto State this week. However, this was reportedly canceled due to organizational issues. The military officers arrived in Abuja, the capital of Africa’s most populous nation and the headquarters of the regional bloc, but did not proceed to Sokoto, RFI reported on Friday.

The demobilization order was expected to be issued during the meeting but, following its cancellation, ECOWAS will now be “very discreet” in withdrawing the standby troops, a source told the French broadcaster. ECOWAS (the Economic Community of West African States) has two options, the source added: “Say nothing and let it be seen,” or “turn around.” The decision was made because “no one is opting for military intervention anymore,” RFI quoted a diplomat from one of the 15 ECOWAS member states as saying.

West African bloc ‘quietly’ withdraws forces deployed against Niger, 27 October 2023

It’s extremely informative to observe the way in which Clown World is reducing its support for Ukraine and refraining from attempting to claw back Niger, despite the African country’s importance to France, in light of what threatens to become the second major front in WWIII. This indicates that either a) Clown World has some sane and sober strategists involved in the decision-making process or b) Israel uber alles.

Either way, the more the US military gets itself enmeshed in the tar pit of the Middle East, the more likely it is that China will quietly go about its business of reunification with Taiwan and the faster the Kiev regime will fall.