They Won’t Fight for Israel

So why should anyone else? Neither Ben Shapiro nor Yair Netanyahu, the son of the Prime Minister, have any interest in defending their fellow Israelis against Hamas, Hezbollah, or any other enemies who might harm them.

The son of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been blasted for staying in Miami while reservists returned home to fight against Hamas. Yair Netanyahu, 32, has been in Florida since at least April, after his father told him to stop making inflammatory posts on social media, which saw him sued for defamation multiple times.

Meanwhile an unprecedented 360,000 reservists have been called up – many of them dropping everything to fly back to Israel, even abandoning honeymoons. But Yair has remained in Miami, to the irritation of some of the troops. ‘Yair is enjoying his life at Miami Beach while I’m on the front lines,’ one soldier, a volunteer serving on Israel’s northern front, told The Times.

‘It’s us who are leaving our work, our families, our kids, to protect our families back home and the country, not the people who are responsible for this situation. Our brothers, our fathers, sons, are all going to the front line, but Yair is still not here. It does not help build trust in the leadership of the country.’

Israeli soldiers blast Benjamin Netanyahu’s son Yair, 32, for ‘abandoning’ them by staying in Miami while 360,000 reservists are called up to fight against Hamas, 24 October 2023

There should not be any discussion of one single American soldier being sent to the Middle East until every single Jew resident in the USA between the ages of 18 and 40 has been sent there first. There is absolutely no reason to defend a nation that literally refuses to defend itself.

And the fact that Netanyahu’s own son is living the high life in Miami while his father screeches about Hamas and Hezbollah should be sufficient cause to ignore all of the non-stop propaganda. If it’s not their problem, it certainly isn’t ours.