The Ultimate RPG System

The long-awaited ADVENTURER CONQUEROR KING SYSTEM II kickstarter has been launched by Autarch and it has already exceeded doubled its initial launch goal.

Enter a world where empires stand on the brink of war, and terrible monsters tear at the fragile borderlands of men; where decaying cities teem with chaos and corruption, weeping innocents are sacrificed to chthonic cults and nobles live in decadent pleasure while the realm burns; where heroes, wizards, and rogues risk everything in pursuit of glory, fortune, and power. This is a world where adventurers can become conquerors – and conquerors can become kings. Will you survive the perils of war and dark magic to claim a throne? Or will you meet your fate in a forgotten ruin beyond the ken of men?

The Adventurer Conqueror King System™ Imperial Imprint (ACKS II) is the new edition of the acclaimed bestselling fantasy role-playing game. Within the pages of ACKS II you’ll find everything you need to enjoy epic fantasy campaigns with a sweeping scope. Whether you want to crawl through dungeons, experiment with alchemy, crossbreed monsters, run a merchant emporium, raise an undead legion, or conquer an empire, ACKS II supports your playstyle.

If you spend enough time in online RPG communities, you’ll have seen someone post something like “They need to make a game that… has mass combat mechanics that work at every scale / keeps fighters competitive with mages / has figured out how to make thieves fun / has an economy that makes sense / could actually simulate my game world.” And someone will inevitably respond: “ACKS already does that. ” And it’s true.

Now, with ACKS II, we’re doing it even better.

Castalia House is supporting this RPG system because we expect future sourcebooks to be produced from a number of our properties using ACKS II. Autarch is already planning to produce one based on CHUCK DIXON’S CONAN and we have already discussed the possibility of producing similar sourcebooks for MIDNIGHT’S WAR, ARTS OF DARK AND LIGHT, and perhaps even QUANTUM MORTIS someday with them. How cool would that be?

But first, it’s necessary to see that the core RPG system is successfully established.