Ideology is Dead

Not even four decades of solid, relentless left-wing loyalty is enough to save a Guardian artist who violated the current Clown World Narrative on a single occasion.

Artist Steve Bell says he has been sacked by The Guardian over claims that a new cartoon linked to Israel was ‘anti-Semitic’. The cartoonist, who has worked for the Left-wing newspaper for more than 40 years, claims he has been told it is no longer willing to publish his work after he submitted a controversial image of Benjamin Netanyahu.

He added that it was becoming ‘pretty nigh impossible to draw this subject [Israel] for The Guardian now without being accused of deploying “antisemitic tropes”‘. A spokesman for The Guardian last night confirmed the newspaper would not be renewing his contract.

This disemployment of a lifelong leftist highlights why it was a massive mistake for Christendom to fall for the fraudulent “right to free speech” that was pushed by those seeking to undermine the Christian blasphemy laws. Now there are new blasphemy laws, albeit with people putting themselves in the place of God and Jesus Christ, and beyond all criticism.

It is also why it is pointless to refrain from speaking the truth for fear of the possible consequences. Because it’s not enough to simply hold one’s tongue, complete submission and a willingness to knowingly speak falsehood is required.

One has to almost feel sorry for the artist. Netanyahu has been a veritable punching bag for the Left for nearly 40 years. There are vast reams of cartoons lampooning and caricaturing him in a thousand different ways. How was the artist supposed to know that the long-time punching bag was officially off-limits now?

Ideology is dead. Identity dictates everything now.