The Wailing Monument

Setting aside all of the obvious theological absurdities as well as the conclusive historical disproofs, I feel quite confident in expressing my significant doubts that God is going to bless these lunatics despite their very best attempts to virtue-signal their blessings of what they have somehow managed to confuse with the patriarch Abraham. Ignorant Christians feigning emotion at a fake Wailing Wall in public support of a foreign ethnic cleansing may be the height of pure Judeochristianity in America.

FFS, have none of them ever read Acts 3:25, which puts Genesis 12:3 in perspective?

I’m neither a Catholic nor an atheist, but I don’t think it would be possible for anyone to despise these retarded “evangelicals” more than I do. On whose behalf are they evangelizing? I used to wonder how it would be possible for most Christians to genuinely believe that the Antichrist was the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. I don’t wonder about that anymore.

And yet, you’ll never see any Churchian leaders pointing to this sort of abject nonsense when they’re engaged in one of their endless symposiums on “why come don’t no one go to church no more?” Perhaps if should consider preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and salvation from sin and damnation instead of the Wordspel of Feminism, Globalism, Pride, and Ethnic Cleansing in Gaza.