The Rude Awakening

Victoria Nuland and her fellow neoclowns were not prepared for Russia to defeat NATO, for the rise of BRICS, or for the second great wave of anticolonial revolutions in Africa:

When US Acting Deputy Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland, traveled to South Africa on July 29, her reputation as a blunt instrument of Washington’s hegemonic interests preceded her.

According to a veteran South African official who attended meetings with the senior US diplomat in Pretoria, however, Nuland and her team were demonstrably unprepared to grapple with recent developments on the African continent — particularly the military coup that removed Niger’s pro-Western government hours before she launched her multi-stop tour of the region.

“In over 20 years working with the Americans, I have never seen them so desperate,” the official told The Grayzone, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

Pretoria was well aware of Nuland’s hawkish reputation, but when she arrived in Pretoria, the official described her as “totally caught off guard” by winds of change engulfing the region. The July putsch that saw a popular military junta come to power in Niger followed military coups in Mali and Burkina Faso that were similarly inspired by mass anti-colonial sentiment.

And now Gabon has similarly overthrown its US-funded French colonial puppet government:

The United States has invested millions of dollars in foreign assistance to an African country whose military staged a successful coup against the sitting president on Wednesday. The U.S. has sent roughly $100 million in direct foreign assistance to Gabon, a country located in the Sahel region of Africa, since 2001, according to Additionally, Gabon has separately received approximately $42 million in direct foreign aid to improve and protect its national parks service.

A number of Gabon’s military forces arrested President Ali Bongo Ondimba in a successful coup that sought to overturn the results of a highly contentious election on Wednesday. Ondimba was arrested for “high betrayal of state institutions, massive embezzlement of public funds [and] international financial embezzlement,” according to the soldiers, who also declared on Wednesday that they would “dissolve all institutions of the republic.”

Imagine how these self-styled makers of reality are going to fare when they actually have to go up directly against China and Iran and their reliable weapons of debt money, corruption, and nepotism will avail them literally nothing.

Clown World, like Babylon, gwan fall.